Monday, December 19, 2011

10/20–Happy Bed and Baseball

2011-10-20_21-13-16_295When Diana comes and cleans the house every other week, she always makes up the kids bed. They totally love it. This is what Joey’s bed looked like when she left.

2011-10-20_21-13-24_190Joey’s bed.

IMG_2632Joey had a baseball game that evening. I'm team photographer and took these photos. This is Joey playing outfield.

IMG_2649Coach hugging Ryan, the catcher for a good play.

IMG_2651I love these photos…

IMG_2652Joey getting ready to bat.

IMG_2656Joey and his great swing

IMG_2709The coaches, Joe in the middle, Coach Mike far right.

IMG_2777Joey about to connect with the ball.

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