Monday, December 19, 2011

10/15 - From Dirty Blonde to Red… and Dinosaurs live

2011-10-15_10-30-37_349Before…dirty blonde

2011-10-15_13-21-17_790Hair dye!

2011-10-15_14-37-42_989My beautiful color and curls in the sun!!

2011-10-15_14-52-49_883The color instantly made me look warmer, less washed out. Beth, my hair girl, said she noticed right away too.


IMG_8523Joe took this one of me.

We decided to go to the Heard Museum, which is a local museum in McKinney, which brings you closer to the outdoors. We have a membership so we like to go and get outside. They have great trails you can walk.

We decided to take one of the outdoor trails and see the Dinosaur Live exhibit. We had no idea the trail we took was THREE MILES LONG. It took forever to walk. The boys had a good time picking up sticks and breaking them and just being outdoors. By the time we were done with our walk we were all tired, and having no water on our hike didn’t help either!

IMG_8524My totally cute two little boys



IMG_8536One of the dinosaurs sprays water. Joey and Justin loved it!



IMG_8545T-Rex is HUGE!

IMG_8550I’m red!

IMG_8552Goofy boys

IMG_8559Look at this huge tree. I think it said it was over 200 years old.


IMG_8566Breaking sticks

IMG_8568Another extremely OLD tree.



IMG_8584I love this photo!!

IMG_8589I don’t remember why Joey was mad but he was really upset about something so I told him if he was going to cry, I was taking his photo. So there it is…

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