Saturday, December 17, 2011

10/14–Speedo Speedy Shoes

Mr. Justin…He loved these shoes. He wore them all summer long. These shoes are SWIM shoes – not every day wear shoes. He loved these shoes and did not care and wore them anyway. I had bigger battles to pick so I just let him wear them.

There were a few instances where he slipped with them on and the bottoms were completely worn down with no tread.

On 10/14 he slipped again and I told him the shoes were being retired to the trash. He was not happy about this but I told him these were really dangerous. He agreed to throw them away if I took a photo of them. So there they are below – RIP Speedo Speedy shoes.

IMG_20111014_082658My cute Justin.

IMG_20111014_082705Justin’s favorite shoes

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