Saturday, December 31, 2011

11/30–Fall Colors

2011-11-30_17-10-14_208This is the view from across Justin’s school. The sun was hitting the trees and making them glow golden. It was gorgeous, and much more beautiful in person.

11/28–My second photo shoot–the Howe’s family

This is my second Christmas shoot for the year.












IMG_4080-2I loved the angle on this one.



IMG_4099-2I love how these turned out!

11/27–Legos threw up in my house…

This is what my house looks like when legos throw up in my house…

2011-11-27_16-02-41_587The upstairs game room

2011-11-27_16-03-01_369Every single lego dumped on the floor. I’m glad I’m not cleaning that up.

11/26–RIP Sasha


This was my baby on her last day. This was at least her fourth vet visit since 11/14. They did an upper gi on her, and found no blockage. Her blood work came back fine. they could not find anything wrong with her. I brought her in on 11/26 because the night before she was having a really hard time breathing. The vet said to make her comfortable and told me to take her to a specialist on Monday and try to up the food I’m syringe feeding her. I was feeding her catsure which is like a food replacement for cats.

We went to a soccer game and when I came home I didn’t see her. She wasn’t in her cat carrier, her cat house, on the cat blanket. I looked under my bed and she was there. I said her name with no response and I reached out to her and she was still. She had died under my bed while we were gone.

I called the vet to tell them she died and asked what I could do with her body. In our town, you can’t bury animals. We were able to get a hold of a creation business for pet that was right in McKinney called Platinum pets.

They told me to remove her from our carpet and put her in a bag and in a box and they’d come pick her up. They said after they pass they often how bowel movements and if we didn’t move her she’d probably go on the carpet.

We moved her to a small bag in a box and made the bag more like a blanket. I couldn’t just toss her into a bag. It was a Saturday and they still came and picked up her body. We chose what urn we wanted (a cedar box) and we had her name and date put on it.

They delivered her back to us on Monday.

She lived from 9/98 to 11/26/11. She was the most wonderful cat. I cried for awhile after she died. She was my cat that would lick me. The sound of it would drive Joe crazy. She liked to lay with me. She’d often race me down the stairs nearly making me slip and break my neck. She’d meow at me constantly until I fed her the wet food at night. She was a sweet cat, loved to cuddle with me. She will be missed terribly. She now sits on the shelf in my bedroom with my kitty TyTy, overlooking Joe and I.

11/25–Every day photos

2011-11-25_11-21-25_116Justin’s cool lego creation



11/24– Happy Thanksgiving - Park date

2011-11-24_14-21-21_294We had a fun at the park on Thanksgiving day, playing football, soccer and the kids playing on the playground.




2011-11-24_15-40-40_910We made a turkey and just did simple box potatoes and stuffing. It was just us.

2011-11-24_22-48-52_201My poor sick Kitty. awwwww

11/21–Every day photos

2011-11-21_16-42-27_754Justin actually fell asleep like this. awww!

2011-11-21_20-47-37_629My new band colors – ready for Christmas – red and green.


2011-11-20_18-43-30_318My sick kitty, Sasha, and I.

2011-11-20_20-54-06_671Joe taught the boys how to play risk.

2011-11-20_21-02-52_973Joey was not happy about that move.

2011-11-20_21-02-59_455Justin loves risk, too!

11/19–Twilight Breaking Dawn

2011-11-19_20-13-16_144Vicki by the poster!


383087_2808410937281_1468936149_3061324_1883089879_nOur group of girls that went to see the movie. We loved the movie!!

11/18–Every day photos

2011-11-18_09-23-31_246I was trying to print with my photo printer. It would not pull the paper in right, no matter what I tried. I happened to stick my hand in the paper feed and felt something spongy. I pulled out a nerf dart. Seriously boys?! In my printer?!

2011-11-18_14-08-14_967I love this – Justin gives thanks for Sofa beds. I obviously loved the one they slept on in the hotel in Austin! haha! His others were Going to swim, food to eat, my family.

11/17–Random Every day photos

2011-11-17_09-21-33_25I am thankful for the socks my mother knits me. It keeps my toes warm.

2011-11-17_23-03-32_264Our beautiful Christmas tree.


IMG_9131Joey was so proud he built this.

11/15–Justin’s Thanksgiving Feast

I took off a few hours from work to come to Justin’s Thanksgiving feast. I’m so glad I did. He was so happy to have his mommy there. He was showing me off to all of his friends!

2011-11-15_10-49-51_59The place setting.



IMG_9117This is so adorable.

IMG_9118The entire table set for all the kids and parents.

IMG_9119Justin’s turkey

IMG_9121The kids singing songs for the parents.

IMG_9122The kids saying a prayer.

IMG_9124Justin and his turkey hat!