Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What makes me happy….



I’m happy because….

christmas music

  1. Today is Nov 1st. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Christmas music and it starts playing in this household on Nov 1st. I really don’t care if you wish you bash me for this. It’s music people and it makes ME happy and that’s all that matters! http://www.iheart.com/#/live/4596/?autoplay=true  ==> Online Christmas music station!
  2. I’m very happy in my new job position and glad I took the risk and applied for this job. It’s a WONDERFUL fit for me! I’m super busy but having fun!
  3. Joey’s team played today. Joey plays on a select soccer team and they played the sister team today which has hand picked elite soccer stars on it. We were seriously anticipating getting CRUSHED since they are amazing and number one. I think they beat us only 6 to 1. Our boys played so hard tonight. Joey had an amazing game and it was fun to watch. I’m happy Joey’s team played so well and Joey has the opportunity to play with such a great group of boys.
  4. It’s scrapbooking at my house this weekend! Not sure if anyone of my friends will show up, but at least I will be scrapbooking and enjoying myself.
  5. Did I mention Christmas music (hehe)

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Mamarazzi said...

Christmas music already? awesome!!

thanks for linking up!