Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Save on your cell phone bill!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let's admit it - nearly everyone in America needs a cell phone. It is so much cheaper than a land lane and much more convenient. No long distance fees. A cell phone still comes with a monthly expense.

Enter in TracFone. TracFone is a phone you can purchase for $10-30, depending if you want simple, or a smart phone. They come in brands such as Motorola, Kyocera, Samsung and Nokia. 

What is the best thing about the TracFone? There are no hidden fees, no contracts, no monthly payments if you choose to use a prepaid phone card, no activation or cancelation charges and no credit checks! It almost sounds too good to be true! Get into Everywhereness

These phones would be perfect for a person who doesn't use many minutes. Think the emergency phone for your grandmother (or parents!) or a child you have given a phone to for emergency use only or just to keep in touch to say where they are. 

I have a friend who had his daughter's phone as an add on to their monthly plan. He saw she was only using about 30 minutes a month and canceled the phone with their cell phone provider and got her aTracFone and just adds minutes to her phone when they get low. It's so much cheaper than paying their cell phone provider every single month. 

Monthly plans: As I said you don't have to go monthly. You can buy a prepaid phone card with minutes and add it to your phone's minute allowance and use it until it's gone. You can also pay as low as $7/month to up to $20 a month for minutes. $9/month gives you 50 minutes and $30/month gives you 200 minutes. Think how much cheaper this is than what you are paying now!! No locked in contracts!

International: This is the only wireless plan where you can call internationally for the same cost as a normal call. If you are part of the neighbors international plan you can get a local number to Mexico or Canada that your friends and family can call that will connect to your phone. 

Seniors: They offer a special phone that has bigger numbers and letters so you have an easier time seeing who is calling. Senior Value

Shows you can buy a phone for $20 and 60 minutes for $20 and have minutes for three months. You don't have to buy a new phone again, just buy more minutes.

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Marisel said...

I'm so pleased I came across your article on Tracfone. I've been looking for a phone for a senior and after inquiring at Walmart who don't stock the Tracfone SVC Samsung T155G phone for seniors we tracked it down at Meijer and were told Shopko also stock it. The great thing is this Tracfone for seniors only costs $14.99 and you can get service for only $7/month, which suits a lot of seniors pockets. Tracfone I hear uses the major networks so I think you'd get good coverage on their phones.
I also like the family value plan that only costs $27.96/month for 4 people in total.
Tracfone seems to me to be a huge money saver,I'm definitely thinking of using their plans myself.