Monday, November 21, 2011

Kroger–The Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie

Remember those homemade chocolate chip cookies from your childhood? They're back. Kroger's The Truly Awesome(TM) Homestyle Chip Cookies taste just like homemade, with rich, creamy butter, tons of chocolate chips and no added preservatives or artificial flavors. They're almost double the size of other chocolate chip cookies too! Your family is going to love these, and you for bringing them home. Ask me for a sample or coupon. I'm trying them for free because I'm a BzzAgent!

My review of these cookies -
These cookies are loaded with real chocolate chips and have a ton of chocolate flavor. I’m more of a chewy cookie girl, but I found if you leave these out of the package and on the counter, they soften up quite nicely and become almost a chewy cookie! They are big cookies and have no added preservatives! I have coupons for these so if you’d like to try them, ask me for a coupon and visit your local Kroger, Fred Meyer or Ralph stores and buy some of these! Give them a try!

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