Friday, November 18, 2011

8/30 Plastic Surgeon Visit


Justin had a dr. visit for his wellness visit since his birthday was the 29th. I asked her to just take a look at his finger and let me know what she thought of it. She looked at, couldn’t believe how bad it was, and asked for another opinion and sent us THAT DAY to a plastic surgeon. She said she has never seen anything as badly burnt as his finger was. I told her I knew it was bad since the skin was coming off, but I wasn’t sure how bad it was. The dermatologist messed up his finger so bad it looked like what it does in the photos.

Luckily the plastic surgeon said his finger would be fine and gave us this cream called silverdine, I believe. We put it on his finger daily for a week and it started to heal.

It is Nov as I’m typing this and I don’t even think it has scarred. He did have it grow back with pink skin, but I don’t think it left a scar, and the good thing is, that when this burn went down so far, it told Justin’s immune system to fight off the warts and all of his warts finally went away. THANK GOODNESS! He had one right under his eyelid that we were worried about and that went away too.


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