Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Justin funnies…

Random funny moments from Mr. funny Justin

9/8 - Soooo I'm walking up to the school and I stop to talk to Amy. Justin informs me he has to pee. I keep talking to Amy figuring he could hold it. The next time I look over he's pulling up his pants. He had pulled them down to his knees to pee on the tree. In front of the entire car pool line at Joey’s school.

Joey runs up and gives me a kiss and tells me how much he loves me. Justin runs up to me, and I think he's also going to give me a kiss. No he tells me to pull his finger and proceeds to fart and run away laughing. 7/15

Justin - mom I want a microphone so I can sing
Mom - What are you going to sing?
Justin - You never know! It's going to be a new one :) and I'm going to wear my sunglasses upside down   6/21

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