Monday, November 21, 2011

9/3 - Do It Yourself Projects

Joey gets in these kicks every now and then and one of his latest was building something or painting something.

I had a gift certificate to Michaels so we went there and the boys wanted to buy a bird house and bird feeder and paint them. We bought a few acrylic paints and we were on our way home.

Below Joey is painting a bird feeder (which later fell apart after a heavy rain as it was obviously for decoration only, though the birds DID use it as a bird feeder!) and Justin is painting a bird house, which I have displayed proudly in my kitchen.

Justin did a much better job than I was anticipating. Both boys did a great job painting their projects! I’m so proud of them!

IMG_7762Joey painting his bird feeder.

IMG_7763Justin washing the color off his paint brush

IMG_7767Justin’s creation

IMG_7769Justin being very careful to paint the bird house.





IMG_7783Justin and his nearly finished creation!

IMG_7786Joey and his nearly finished creation!

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