Monday, November 21, 2011–Custom profile and analytics board

I love this website. You go to their page and create a splash page for yourself. You can make a page, like I did below, using a photo of yours as the background, and include your webpages, facebook pages, twitter, pinterest or any other pages you want to include. It includes a way to contact you and any other information you feel is necessary.

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You can see I included my name, a little bio about myself, a photo of my son that I love that shows my photography skills, it has a link to blogger, facebook and twitter. Below I have links to my blog, my photography/scrapbook website, my tutorial website I made, my pandora station, my pinterest boards and the ability to email me.

Do you know what my email signature USED to look like?? It had about 4-5 links in it and looked completely cluttered.

Now it looks like this:


Simple and has everything I need for people to contact me!

Signup is free! You can get yours above by clicking on the first image or clicking this link ==>

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Opinions are mine. I’m a bzzagent and was given an opportunity to test out this service. Sign up to be a bzzagent at

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