Tuesday, November 1, 2011

8/22 - First day of school and new bands…

1314076693436Joey has been working on tying his own shoe laces. We watched a video on youtube a few times. He got really frustrated. What finally worked was he and I both had a shoe and sat side by side. I would start to tie and have him copy me, then we’d work on the looping together. He finally got it that way and it clicked! I was so glad!

IMG_7708Doesn’t Joey look handsome on the first day of 2nd grade?!

IMG_7709Joey’s new backpack.


IMG_7716Super Mario Backpack

IMG_7717New Tennis shoes. These shoes look great now but we had to get him a new pair of shoes 3 weeks later because there was no support and he was walking on the sides of them.

IMG_7719My handsome son, Justin! First day of Preschool!

IMG_7721Cars2 Backpack!

IMG_7722I’m ready for school, mom!

IMG_7723I wish I was a cat…doesn’t this look comfortable?


IMG_7727Justin’s first day of Preschool!

IMG_7729Justin’s cubby!

IMG_7732They hang their name apple every day there.

IMG_7733Justin’s spot in class.

IMG_7735He honestly wasn’t thrilled about playing with playdoh…until I showed him how to roll it and make a snake.

2011-08-22_15-32-07_9New bands for me and a power chain to help move the teeth up on top. Did purple and burgundy colors.

2011-08-22_15-32-24_831You can see the different colors. I feel like a teenager – maybe I’m having an early midlife crisis!

2011-08-22_17-40-36_651I got a skin for my nook! You can buy skins on ebay and make your nook look super cool!!

2011-08-22_17-40-54_571The back of my nook color.

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