Monday, November 21, 2011

Facebook Posts for August 2011

8/1 - At the ready clinic, lady walks in and looks at my chart, leaves and comes back and apologizes for not bringing her stethoscope but they don't do vitals on minors and she thought I was 16 and Joe's daughter. She said she couldn't believe I was 32. Lol

8/1 - Briana just checked in @ Traverse City (Traverse City, MI)

8/2 - Sitting on the beach in Traverse City enjoying the light drizzle and watching the boys play in the sand.

8/2 - Justin got a Detroit tigers pillow pet!2011-08-02_21-36-24_0

8/3 - Briana just checked in @ Midland MI (Midland, MI)

8/3 - Back at the good ole school where Joe and I met. -  Briana just checked in @ Northwood University

8/3 – Baseball Game - Briana just checked in @ Dow Diamond (Midland, MI)

8/3 - Joe and Justin at the Loons game. — with Joe Fisher.2011-08-03_19-08-31_423

8/8 - Spending the week up in Mayville with Joe's side of the family. It's so nice to see everyone ♥

8/10 - Wow 65 degrees? It is going to be a major shock to hit 108 on Sunday. It is freezing in Michigan. I had to buy a jacket.

8/11 – At the fair with Joe’s dad and Karen - Briana just checked in @ Imlay City Fairgrounds (Imlay City, Michigan)

8/12 – At our favorite Ice Cream place! - Briana just checked in @ Twist 'N Shake (Highland, MI)

8/12 - Joey has Mrs Scales for a second grade teacher. Anyone else? Is she new?

8/13 – Lunch! - Briana just checked in @ Bob Evans (Coldwater, Michigan)

8/13 - Briana just checked in @ Michigan-Indiana Border (Kinderhook, Michigan)

8/13 - Fort Wayne ....

8/13 – Indianapolis

8/13 - Terre Haute... Briana just checked in @ Indiana - Illinois State Line (Terre Haute, IN)

8/13 - St. Louis.

8/13 - Briana just checked in @ Holiday Inn Express-St Robert (Saint Robert, MO)

8/13 - After being in the car about 11 hours we FINALLY pull up to our hotel - and it is completely dark, sign is off and the parking lot is barricaded!!! WHAT THE HELL! Called who rebooked us down the road at Holiday Inn Express, which cost more, for no additional cost, knocked $25 off the cost of the original hotel and gave us a $100 voucher for a future use. We'll only book through them from now on.

8/14 – I got about 100 Happy birthday wishes!

8/14 - Briana just checked in @ oklahoma state line

8/14 - Briana just checked in @ Phillips 66 Travel Plaza

8/14 - Briana just checked in @ Texas / Oklahoma Border

8/14 – Almost there. Justin needed to use the restroom. - Briana just checked in @ Phillips 66 (Van Alstyne, TX)

8/14 - Finally home. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I have so many sweet friends and family. Thank you. 4:05pm

8/14 - It is soooooooo nice to be HOME!

8/18 - Joey has outdoor soccer practice. The car thermometer read 106 on the way here. :-( Briana just checked in @ Blue Sky Sports Center

He has indoor practice on Tuesday. Thursday is outdoor. Our coach is great about lots of water breaks, Joey has a chilly cloth, we use a spray bottle, I'll pour cold water on his neck and we do LOTS of water as I mentioned previously. Honestly you get used to the hot. I was sitting outside and I wasn't dying.

8/18 - Justin: We have boobs. Joey: boys don't have boobs. We have nickels. (He meant nipples).

8/18 - My good news - I accepted a new position at work. :) I figure I can finally mention it on here. I'm very excited about this new opportunity! :) I start Sept 2nd. That is why a month ago I posted if you see an opportunity, grab it. I decided to go for it!

8/22 - Joey was sooooo excited to start 2nd grade today! I told him to have a great day, and he stopped in the car, looked me in the eye and said, 'Mom, you have a great day too.' ♥

8/22 - Justin was very excited to start preschool at Crossing Point Christian School this year. He had a very 'I can do it myself' attitude when we got there! :) Can't wait to see how his day went! ♥

8/22 - Justin said his first day was 'a blast.' Joey said his first day was 'awesome.' Thank you great teachers for creating a place where my kids love school!! :)

8/23 - Teeth are very sore today :(

8/24 - Two gripes about school this year: 1. Seriously - we can no longer send food products (Ie cookies, cupcakes) to celebrate birthdays??! 2. Why do we have 10:30 lunch AGAIN? Our kids had 10:30 lunch LAST YEAR. 10:30 is NOT LUNCH TIME. Heck, Fast food places are still serving breakfast!! - Thanks for listening to my rant. ((Frustrated))

8/24 - I tried to give myself a shot in the leg but I just couldn't do it. That first time giving yourself a shot is hard!

8/24 - I've seen more than my fair share of mullets lately. Did I miss the newsflash that it's back in style?

8/25 -

“I’ve learned only that you never say never.”
― Marina von Neumann Whitman

8/25 - I think it is amusing watching girls flirt with Joey :)

8/27 - Gno with Vicki and Marann! - Briana just checked in @ Mi Cocina (Allen, TX)  - Vicki and I below.


8/29 - Poor Justin gets to have his wellness visit today which resulted in a trip to a plastic surgeon! What a way to spend his 5 year old birthday :(

Sorry this is graphic - this is Justin's chemical burn he got from getting his wart beetle juiced (it creates a blister). He was sent to a plastic surgeon who is treating it as a burn. :(


8/31 - I just gave myself not one, not two, but three allergy shots in the stomach. It only took me an HOUR to work up the nerve to do all three. I have a great respect for those who have to do this for medical conditions...

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