Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Facebook Status November 2011

11/1 - Day 1 of thankfulness: My kids are happy and healthy. ♥"

"Nov 1st...time to start listening to Christmas music ♥"

11/4 - "Day 4 - Thankful that even though the wall where the water line for the fridge is leaking water and has totally saturated the carpet in my formal dining room, our plumber had an opening this afternoon and is coming out to check it out. ♥"

"ER visit number one for Joey. Sliced his eyebrow open on the playground."

11/5 - "Thankful - Day 5 - Thankful we have the freedom to choose which hospitals we want to use and medical care that is superior to many countries. I'm glad I'm not taking my kid to a hospital in a 3rd world country ♥"

11/6 - "Thankful day 6 - I'm thankful for great technology that makes taking photos easy, not too expensive and fun. Think back 15 years - the 486 photos I took at Joey's soccer game would have cost a lot of money in film and developing! Digital rocks!!"

11/7 - "Thankful day 7 - Thankful for my education and job.
I met a gentleman yesterday who was in IT, was laid off, doesn't have a college degree and can't find a job anywhere because of it. He's working nights at Kroger, his wife is laid off too, and he's going to school full time. He told me most days of the week he gets about an hour and a half sleep between work, studying and school. Made me really thankful for what I have ♥"

11/8 - "Thankful day 8 - Thankful for the rain. Dallas desperately needed rain. The ground is sighing in relief... ♥"

11/9 - "Thankful day 9 - Thankful God blessed me with a creative eye and the ability to take photos. Blessed that I was asked to do a photo shoot of a sweet little man today. I think today I finally realized I really want to do makes me happy ♥"

11/11 - "Day 10 (a day late) - I'm thankful for my sweet friends and family who are always there in good times and bad. ♥"

"Day 11 - I'm so very very thankful for our veterans who fought for our freedom. Thank you sweet veterans. Your service impacts our lives every single day. We can't thank you enough ♥"

"At the children's museum in Austin. Kids are having so much fun."

11/12 - "Austin reminds us a lot of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Very pretty and hilly. Lots of trees."

"Austin is so pretty. Visited the state capital and now driving to Salt Lick to try BBQ. I'm a fan of Austin."

11/14 - "I was cooking dinner, and all of a sudden there's an explosion under the glasstop of my back burner (which I'm not even using). Scared the crap out of me. I guess there's my excuse for no cooking dinner on the stove this entire week. Sigh"

11/17 - "Thankful day 17 for my mother's knitting skills and the 20+ pairs of socks she knit me to keep my toes warm on days like today when you wake up and it is 32 outside. ♥"

"Of all the blonde jokes, this one has to be the best --because it makes football make sense!
A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team's bench. After the game, he asked her how she liked it.
"Oh, I really liked it," she replied, "especially the tight pants and all the big muscles, but I just couldn't understand why they were killingeach other over 25 cents."
Dumbfounded, her boyfriend asked, "What do you mean?"
"Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it and then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was... 'Get the quarterback! Get the quarterback!' I'm like...Helloooooo? It's only 25 cents!!!!"

11/18 - "Day 18 - Thankful for my boys
...even when I've tried to figure out for two days now why my expensive photo printer keeps taking paper sideways and jamming. I found this lodged all the way down by the rollers..." (A picture of a nerf dart)

11/20 - "GNO tonight - Watched Breaking Dawn with the girls. Loved it!!"

"Day 20 Thankfulness - I'm soooo thankful my cat is starting to eat again. She hasn't eaten in a week and I've been force feeding her every two hours the entire week with a syringe and catSure..."

11/24 - "This is the very first Thanksgiving where it's just the boys and I - no traveling. I'm making the turkey and a few sides. It's going to be low-key and low-stress. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving ♥"

11/25 - "Thankful day 25 - Toys R Us had their black Friday deals ONLINE last night, so we sat in our office and bought buy one get one 1/2 off Lego sets last night - with free shipping! We saved about $120 last night between the 1/2 off savings and free shipping. Boys are going to be ecstatic this Christmas!!!! ♥ I can't believe the deal!"

11/26 - "My cat Sasha didn't make it. She passed today while we were at soccer. :("

11/30 - "We got a note today from Justin's school saying that it's inappropriate for preschoolers to say 'screwed up' and he said it a few times today. He didn't say 'I'm screwed' or anything like that. Is screwed up really a bad word? I always thought screwed up meant messed up and never gave it a second thought..."

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pinteresting Mondays!


So here is some of the latest things I’ve pinned from Pinterest:


Gorgeous d├ęcor

Remember these from back in the day? I filed this under childhood memories.

Adam Levine – Sexy tattoos and body and all. Mmmmm

I love this outfit! Pinned under ‘My Style”

I love this outfit! Pinned under ‘My Style”

Remember taping your favorite songs off the radio? Our kids will never understand having to wait for your favorite song to come on the radio, then waiting for the the stupid dj to stop talking over the intro of the song…or having to find exactly where on the tape your favorite song is. All they have to do now is download the song INSTANTLY and play it easily on their digital music players. They have no idea how easy they have it!

Three curly hair tutorials I need to try.

How to frame a bathroom mirror. Saved under do it yourself.

Last one – in honor of the much needed rain falling outside right now!

Facebook Posts for August 2011

8/1 - At the ready clinic, lady walks in and looks at my chart, leaves and comes back and apologizes for not bringing her stethoscope but they don't do vitals on minors and she thought I was 16 and Joe's daughter. She said she couldn't believe I was 32. Lol

8/1 - Briana just checked in @ Traverse City (Traverse City, MI)

8/2 - Sitting on the beach in Traverse City enjoying the light drizzle and watching the boys play in the sand.

8/2 - Justin got a Detroit tigers pillow pet!2011-08-02_21-36-24_0

8/3 - Briana just checked in @ Midland MI (Midland, MI)

8/3 - Back at the good ole school where Joe and I met. -  Briana just checked in @ Northwood University

8/3 – Baseball Game - Briana just checked in @ Dow Diamond (Midland, MI)

8/3 - Joe and Justin at the Loons game. — with Joe Fisher.2011-08-03_19-08-31_423

8/8 - Spending the week up in Mayville with Joe's side of the family. It's so nice to see everyone ♥

8/10 - Wow 65 degrees? It is going to be a major shock to hit 108 on Sunday. It is freezing in Michigan. I had to buy a jacket.

8/11 – At the fair with Joe’s dad and Karen - Briana just checked in @ Imlay City Fairgrounds (Imlay City, Michigan)

8/12 – At our favorite Ice Cream place! - Briana just checked in @ Twist 'N Shake (Highland, MI)

8/12 - Joey has Mrs Scales for a second grade teacher. Anyone else? Is she new?

8/13 – Lunch! - Briana just checked in @ Bob Evans (Coldwater, Michigan)

8/13 - Briana just checked in @ Michigan-Indiana Border (Kinderhook, Michigan)

8/13 - Fort Wayne ....

8/13 – Indianapolis

8/13 - Terre Haute... Briana just checked in @ Indiana - Illinois State Line (Terre Haute, IN)

8/13 - St. Louis.

8/13 - Briana just checked in @ Holiday Inn Express-St Robert (Saint Robert, MO)

8/13 - After being in the car about 11 hours we FINALLY pull up to our hotel - and it is completely dark, sign is off and the parking lot is barricaded!!! WHAT THE HELL! Called who rebooked us down the road at Holiday Inn Express, which cost more, for no additional cost, knocked $25 off the cost of the original hotel and gave us a $100 voucher for a future use. We'll only book through them from now on.

8/14 – I got about 100 Happy birthday wishes!

8/14 - Briana just checked in @ oklahoma state line

8/14 - Briana just checked in @ Phillips 66 Travel Plaza

8/14 - Briana just checked in @ Texas / Oklahoma Border

8/14 – Almost there. Justin needed to use the restroom. - Briana just checked in @ Phillips 66 (Van Alstyne, TX)

8/14 - Finally home. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I have so many sweet friends and family. Thank you. 4:05pm

8/14 - It is soooooooo nice to be HOME!

8/18 - Joey has outdoor soccer practice. The car thermometer read 106 on the way here. :-( Briana just checked in @ Blue Sky Sports Center

He has indoor practice on Tuesday. Thursday is outdoor. Our coach is great about lots of water breaks, Joey has a chilly cloth, we use a spray bottle, I'll pour cold water on his neck and we do LOTS of water as I mentioned previously. Honestly you get used to the hot. I was sitting outside and I wasn't dying.

8/18 - Justin: We have boobs. Joey: boys don't have boobs. We have nickels. (He meant nipples).

8/18 - My good news - I accepted a new position at work. :) I figure I can finally mention it on here. I'm very excited about this new opportunity! :) I start Sept 2nd. That is why a month ago I posted if you see an opportunity, grab it. I decided to go for it!

8/22 - Joey was sooooo excited to start 2nd grade today! I told him to have a great day, and he stopped in the car, looked me in the eye and said, 'Mom, you have a great day too.' ♥

8/22 - Justin was very excited to start preschool at Crossing Point Christian School this year. He had a very 'I can do it myself' attitude when we got there! :) Can't wait to see how his day went! ♥

8/22 - Justin said his first day was 'a blast.' Joey said his first day was 'awesome.' Thank you great teachers for creating a place where my kids love school!! :)

8/23 - Teeth are very sore today :(

8/24 - Two gripes about school this year: 1. Seriously - we can no longer send food products (Ie cookies, cupcakes) to celebrate birthdays??! 2. Why do we have 10:30 lunch AGAIN? Our kids had 10:30 lunch LAST YEAR. 10:30 is NOT LUNCH TIME. Heck, Fast food places are still serving breakfast!! - Thanks for listening to my rant. ((Frustrated))

8/24 - I tried to give myself a shot in the leg but I just couldn't do it. That first time giving yourself a shot is hard!

8/24 - I've seen more than my fair share of mullets lately. Did I miss the newsflash that it's back in style?

8/25 -

“I’ve learned only that you never say never.”
― Marina von Neumann Whitman

8/25 - I think it is amusing watching girls flirt with Joey :)

8/27 - Gno with Vicki and Marann! - Briana just checked in @ Mi Cocina (Allen, TX)  - Vicki and I below.


8/29 - Poor Justin gets to have his wellness visit today which resulted in a trip to a plastic surgeon! What a way to spend his 5 year old birthday :(

Sorry this is graphic - this is Justin's chemical burn he got from getting his wart beetle juiced (it creates a blister). He was sent to a plastic surgeon who is treating it as a burn. :(


8/31 - I just gave myself not one, not two, but three allergy shots in the stomach. It only took me an HOUR to work up the nerve to do all three. I have a great respect for those who have to do this for medical conditions...

9/3 - Do It Yourself Projects

Joey gets in these kicks every now and then and one of his latest was building something or painting something.

I had a gift certificate to Michaels so we went there and the boys wanted to buy a bird house and bird feeder and paint them. We bought a few acrylic paints and we were on our way home.

Below Joey is painting a bird feeder (which later fell apart after a heavy rain as it was obviously for decoration only, though the birds DID use it as a bird feeder!) and Justin is painting a bird house, which I have displayed proudly in my kitchen.

Justin did a much better job than I was anticipating. Both boys did a great job painting their projects! I’m so proud of them!

IMG_7762Joey painting his bird feeder.

IMG_7763Justin washing the color off his paint brush

IMG_7767Justin’s creation

IMG_7769Justin being very careful to paint the bird house.





IMG_7783Justin and his nearly finished creation!

IMG_7786Joey and his nearly finished creation!

Kroger–The Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie

Remember those homemade chocolate chip cookies from your childhood? They're back. Kroger's The Truly Awesome(TM) Homestyle Chip Cookies taste just like homemade, with rich, creamy butter, tons of chocolate chips and no added preservatives or artificial flavors. They're almost double the size of other chocolate chip cookies too! Your family is going to love these, and you for bringing them home. Ask me for a sample or coupon. I'm trying them for free because I'm a BzzAgent!

My review of these cookies -
These cookies are loaded with real chocolate chips and have a ton of chocolate flavor. I’m more of a chewy cookie girl, but I found if you leave these out of the package and on the counter, they soften up quite nicely and become almost a chewy cookie! They are big cookies and have no added preservatives! I have coupons for these so if you’d like to try them, ask me for a coupon and visit your local Kroger, Fred Meyer or Ralph stores and buy some of these! Give them a try!

Opinions are mine. I’m a bzzagent and was given an opportunity to test out this service. Sign up to be a bzzagent at–Custom profile and analytics board

I love this website. You go to their page and create a splash page for yourself. You can make a page, like I did below, using a photo of yours as the background, and include your webpages, facebook pages, twitter, pinterest or any other pages you want to include. It includes a way to contact you and any other information you feel is necessary.

Fullscreen capture 11212011 41048 PM

You can see I included my name, a little bio about myself, a photo of my son that I love that shows my photography skills, it has a link to blogger, facebook and twitter. Below I have links to my blog, my photography/scrapbook website, my tutorial website I made, my pandora station, my pinterest boards and the ability to email me.

Do you know what my email signature USED to look like?? It had about 4-5 links in it and looked completely cluttered.

Now it looks like this:


Simple and has everything I need for people to contact me!

Signup is free! You can get yours above by clicking on the first image or clicking this link ==>

Sign up for an aboutme page today and receive a free pack of aboutme business cards from MOO

Opinions are mine. I’m a bzzagent and was given an opportunity to test out this service. Sign up to be a bzzagent at

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Videos of Justin from the fun summer times…

6/08 - Justin learning to swim

6/15 - Check out Justin and his hit all the way to the green. He's 4.

 8/31 - Justin is getting good on the skateboard. Here he is two days over 5 years old.

9/7 - Justin playing advanced t-ball.

 9/14 - Justin skateboarding down the driveway again

Friday, November 18, 2011

8/30 Plastic Surgeon Visit


Justin had a dr. visit for his wellness visit since his birthday was the 29th. I asked her to just take a look at his finger and let me know what she thought of it. She looked at, couldn’t believe how bad it was, and asked for another opinion and sent us THAT DAY to a plastic surgeon. She said she has never seen anything as badly burnt as his finger was. I told her I knew it was bad since the skin was coming off, but I wasn’t sure how bad it was. The dermatologist messed up his finger so bad it looked like what it does in the photos.

Luckily the plastic surgeon said his finger would be fine and gave us this cream called silverdine, I believe. We put it on his finger daily for a week and it started to heal.

It is Nov as I’m typing this and I don’t even think it has scarred. He did have it grow back with pink skin, but I don’t think it left a scar, and the good thing is, that when this burn went down so far, it told Justin’s immune system to fight off the warts and all of his warts finally went away. THANK GOODNESS! He had one right under his eyelid that we were worried about and that went away too.


8/28–My little reader and Justin’s birthday

2011-08-28_19-54-25_804This was the first time I saw Joey pick up a book and read it by himself without being asked to read. It was the Magic Tree House series. He read the entire book by himself and was so proud of himself.



IMG_7745We celebrated Justin’s birthday a day early on the 28th so he could have a friend over.

IMG_7748Justin and his cake. Justin turns 5!

IMG_7757Justin and his friend, Mason.

IMG_7759Justin, Mason and Joey.

This year he wanted a pokemon ranger game for his birthday so he could play just like his brother, who also bought the game.

8/27 - Random Pics…


Just two shots of me – that I like!!


8/24 - Justin…and a beetle juiced finger

2011-08-24_08-39-17_925Justin in his soft blankie…

2011-08-24_20-00-00_129Justin had really bad warts on his hands. Took her to the dermatologist 4 different times now to have them ‘beetle juiced’ where they put this special solution on them that makes it blister. The solution they used was almost solidified and they had to stir it a few times to get it to come out of the bottle. I’m afraid that it was concentrated, because look at my poor baby’s finger!!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Justin funnies…

Random funny moments from Mr. funny Justin

9/8 - Soooo I'm walking up to the school and I stop to talk to Amy. Justin informs me he has to pee. I keep talking to Amy figuring he could hold it. The next time I look over he's pulling up his pants. He had pulled them down to his knees to pee on the tree. In front of the entire car pool line at Joey’s school.

Joey runs up and gives me a kiss and tells me how much he loves me. Justin runs up to me, and I think he's also going to give me a kiss. No he tells me to pull his finger and proceeds to fart and run away laughing. 7/15

Justin - mom I want a microphone so I can sing
Mom - What are you going to sing?
Justin - You never know! It's going to be a new one :) and I'm going to wear my sunglasses upside down   6/21

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

8/23–Finally tied them on his own!

2011-08-23_07-34-47_90He did it! He finally tied them by himself with NO help!!

8/22 - First day of school and new bands…

1314076693436Joey has been working on tying his own shoe laces. We watched a video on youtube a few times. He got really frustrated. What finally worked was he and I both had a shoe and sat side by side. I would start to tie and have him copy me, then we’d work on the looping together. He finally got it that way and it clicked! I was so glad!

IMG_7708Doesn’t Joey look handsome on the first day of 2nd grade?!

IMG_7709Joey’s new backpack.


IMG_7716Super Mario Backpack

IMG_7717New Tennis shoes. These shoes look great now but we had to get him a new pair of shoes 3 weeks later because there was no support and he was walking on the sides of them.

IMG_7719My handsome son, Justin! First day of Preschool!

IMG_7721Cars2 Backpack!

IMG_7722I’m ready for school, mom!

IMG_7723I wish I was a cat…doesn’t this look comfortable?


IMG_7727Justin’s first day of Preschool!

IMG_7729Justin’s cubby!

IMG_7732They hang their name apple every day there.

IMG_7733Justin’s spot in class.

IMG_7735He honestly wasn’t thrilled about playing with playdoh…until I showed him how to roll it and make a snake.

2011-08-22_15-32-07_9New bands for me and a power chain to help move the teeth up on top. Did purple and burgundy colors.

2011-08-22_15-32-24_831You can see the different colors. I feel like a teenager – maybe I’m having an early midlife crisis!

2011-08-22_17-40-36_651I got a skin for my nook! You can buy skins on ebay and make your nook look super cool!!

2011-08-22_17-40-54_571The back of my nook color.