Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weekly Update

Things have been fairly calm in our household. Saturday I took the plunge and had my hair colored red. It came out more brown than I wanted...but I was very happy with the color. It instantly made me look not so pale. It has a really nice copper tone that is really noticeable in the sun, but not so much inside. I LOVED how it looked right away. See below.


Saturday afternoon we went to the Heard Museum, which we have a family pass to, in order to see the dinosaur exhibit. We saw the dinosaurs last year but we went again. We decided to take a trail, not realizing it would take us a mile and a half through the woods. By the end of the walk I think everyone was ready to be done with it, especially since we didn’t bring any water! The boys had a great time getting outside and getting some exercise. They always behave so well when we get them outside to get some exercise and fresh air.

Sunday Joey had a game and after the game the coach came to us and said, “I’m not sure what was up with Joey today but he was on FIRE!” Joey plays defense and he did awesome! On top of it, it was the first game of the season that we won! Yay Liverpool!!

Both kids have been so wonderful lately. I have been blessed. Once Justin was having a bunch of issues at school I went to the library and got one of my favorite books called 1-2-3 Magic and I’ve been reading that. I’ve been making sure to give lots of hugs and kisses, staying calm is so important!, lots of praise and routines. My other favorite book is one I couldn’t find at the library but they had it on Amazon, “How to talk so kids will listen, how to listen so kids will talk.” I can’t wait to read it again.

This week was interesting for me. I’ve really been noticing lately how Justin is so much like me in the fact that he is very keyed into music. Ever since I could remember I had to have a radio playing, my walkman or some sort of music playing. I can feel music. I can sing along (not sure how well, but I try), and I can feel the words. I can hear a song and think of a specific person, place or time in my life – all just from hearing a song. It’s like a time machine. I just can’t get enough.

One of my favorite places to hear music is on Pandora. Pandora is a music source where you start a station with an artist name. My station is called Phil Collins. It will then play another song and I’m not sure if they do it based on what other people who liked that song also liked, or if it’s based on something within that same genre. You can decide if you like the song by giving it a thumbs up and it will play more music like that and play that song again on your station, or give it a thumbs down, and it won’t play that song again. If you use Pandora well enough it will learn your interests and play a station that is pretty right onto what type of music you like. Here is my profile on Pandora.

So I was trying to explain how much I like music. Pandora is playing all day at home from my home pc while I work. I also have an application on my phone that I play my pandora station when I clean the house. Needless to say, I love music.

Justin is following in my footsteps. He loves listening to music on the radio in the car. Justin and Joey know a lot of the words of some of the popular songs. I listen to the pop music that hot now, so they know a lot of the popular songs. Justin also loves to watch the song’s videos like likes on youtube.

I was thinking the other day how lucky kids are today. When I was a kid, if I wanted a mix of songs I liked I had to tape them off the radio or tape them after finding them off a cassette. Half the time the radio dj was talking over the song. If you didn’t want a song, you had to fast forward it or rewind it. I remember when they added a feature where it would remind and stop when it hit the break between songs. That was so much nicer than having to rewind, play, listen, rewind, play, listen…opps to far. Fast forward, play listen – You get the picture.

Then came CDs…those were nicer but you have skipping and they were bigger and more expensive.

Kids today just go on their ipods and download it instantly. They can build any mix of music they want easily. If they want to watch a video, they bring up YouTube on the internet and watch it.

When I was a kid you put on MTV or VHI, if you were even lucky enough to have the station on cable tv, and then you waited to see what videos were on. There was no fast forward or rewind DVR like there is today.

I’ll say it – I’m jealous! I would have loved to have all the music I wanted at my fingertips like kids have today!

Justin begs me every day when he hears a song on the radio that he likes that he wants me to play it on the computer. He likes “It Girl” by Jason Derulo but I had to tell him he’s not allowed to watch that video because it has a girl walking around in her bra and underwear. I guess we didn’t have too much of that on tv back in the day either…

Tonight Joey had a playdate at Alex’s house. I had Merry bring her son, Mason, over for a playdate for Justin. Everyone played nicely. After dinner I told the boys they had 15 minutes to clean up the downstairs and the upstairs. I would set the timer and if they didn’t get it done in 15 minutes they each would pay me $.50 to help clean up. They didn’t make it in 15 minutes but they worked hard the entire time so I didn’t dock them. Then they came downstairs and started to clean the rest of the house. Justin was pickup up clothes and his jacket, Joey was cleaning off the table and vacuuming the floor. I didn’t even have to ask them. The boys have been so good lately. Justin is even saying, “Yes Ma’am” when I ask him to do something for me. I’m so proud of the good helpers I have!

We got Joey the Captain Underpants books and I’ve been helping him read them. Some of the words are a bit advanced for him, like blackmail, attitude, etc so I help him sound out the hard words and explain what words like prank, blackmail, etc are.

Joe has also been reading to Justin every night. We actually got a bunch of books from the library on being nice to others, not hitting, how to deal with being angry…but he’s been so good in school for the last week that I’m not sure we need them anymore. I’m still having Joe read what we have because I figure it can’t hurt and I’m very glad to see the shift in his attitude.

We bought costumes for Halloween for both boys last weekend. They originally wanted to be a pokemon but the costumes were less than ideal because of the face masks. So Justin decided to be a knight and is going to carry a sword and shield. Joey is going to be a ninja and has a special ninja weapon. Both are super excited about dressing up this year for Halloween!

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