Thursday, October 20, 2011

Three for Thursday

A few other bloggers are doing this so I thought I’d try it too:

Three things I'm up to these days:
1. My new job is so busy I’m up to my eyeballs in meetings!
2. My kids are so busy I’m up to my eyeballs in practices and games!
3. I’m blogging more!

Three of my favorite spices:
1. cinnamon
2. cilantro
3. basil

Three things I'm counting down "sleeps" for:
1. The day we put up the Christmas tree at the beginning of November
2. Thanksgiving.
3. Christmas

Three things that get my blood boiling:
1. People who can't seem to find happiness in anything. Ever.
2. Pregnant smokers, or people who smoke around kids.
3. Stupid Drivers

Three things that have kept me from blogging lately:
1. Housework
2. Texting
3. Playing Bakery or Restaurant Story on my cell phone

Three pictures:

2011-10-08_12-14-30_174Joey and Justin and their sonic tot animals.

2011-10-08_16-55-24_915Justin and his friend Mason at the bounce house.

IMG-20111008-WA0006Joey playing wiffle ball at the wiffle ball park at the first Tiger/Rangers game playoff game at the Rangers field.

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