Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Facebook posts for July recap

Interesting - up until now I've made 1530 posts on my blog and had 23553 page views! Crazy!!

7/3 - Joe and I are taking Justin to see his first movie at the theater - Cars 2. Joey is coming as well. :) They are so excited!!!
7/3 - For those that have taken their young kids on airplanes - what do you do for ear pressure? The boys are taking their first flight on Tuesday evening and I'd like to be prepared. Thanks :)
7/4 - Happy Fourth of July!! ONE DAY TIL SEATTLE!! :)
7/5 Kids are so excited to be at the airport!
Was going to chew gum for the takeoff but remembered I can't. I have braces.
Made it to Seattle Tacoma International Airport – We made it and it’s COLD!
7/6 - Justin: The longer I wait, the longer I pee...
Justin: It is too scary. It looks like a rain forest. = Guess he isn't used to this many trees.
From Caroline: ‎Briana will be drunk on my couch shortly.
7/6 – Checked in at Ride the Ducks in Seattle. “Riding the duck vehicle that drives right into the water”
Checked into the Seattle Center International Fountain
7/7 = At an ipic theater watching transformers 3 and this theater has full reclining chairs and a waiter to wait on you. Seriously? Holy pampered movie experience.
Seeing the mountains all the time really doesn't get old.
7/10 – Checked in at the Space Needle.
Checked in at the SkyCity Restaurant.
I'm 31000 feet in the air over mountain ranges and connected to wifi. Technology is so freaking cool!
7/11 - Back to work...already.
7/13 - When the opportunity is right, go for it! At least you can say you gave it your best. **I applied for a job but didn’t say so in my facebook post and got the job a few weeks later!!
7/14 - Joey playing with a select FCC Dallas team at Pizza Hut Park soccer fields in Frisco.
Ok, I hate it when technical support assumes that everyone is not technical. I understand most are not, but I am technical. The same BS they tell everyone does NOT work on me.
I am so proud of my son Joey. We are looking for a select soccer team for him to play on in the fall and tryouts are now - in 105 degree weather on astroturf that smells like burnt rubber because it's so hot. He played so good today for both teams in the scorching heat. He stayed cool with his chilly cloth and lots of water. WTG Joey :)
7/17 - Has anyone been through Tennessee - particularly the mountains area? We were going to drive through on the way up to Michigan and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on places to stay in the mountains. Thank you!!
Texas folk - do you water your foundation? Just wondering what the thoughts are about this.
7/20 - I'm am in shock. The TK program we had Justin enrolled in just got cancelled due to low enrollment - a month before we need to start him. So much for getting things done ahead of time. Maybe I should really start flying by the seat of my pants on everything. Seems to work for some people! :(
7/21 - It is sad that I am that naive that I thought I would never see a parent rage on a coach - much less a volunteer. What is even more sad is it was for a 7 year old team and it was a grown man who had to be 6'5'' threatening a woman who is 90lbs soaking wet, using the F-bomb in front of other innocent children. I am in just utter disbelief and shock.
7/22 - Sitting in my scrapbook room relaxing, making a card and thinking how I really need to scrapbook again. It is so relaxing.
7/23 - About to be completely embarrassed. The only thing that could possibly help this situation is alcohol. Denise  and Kim are making me go country line dancing for Denise's birthday. OMG.
Yes. I rode a mechanical bull. That was quite the experience.
7/26 - Justin is sick and on day 9. Joe is sick and on day 4. I'm sick and on day one. We leave for Michigan Saturday. Joey has yet to be sick. This poses a problem :(
7/26 - My artist is Beastie Boys
Song I love: Actually a tie either Intergalactic or So What'cha Want
Song I like: Sabotage or Girls
Song I hate: Fight for your right (idk don't care much for this song)
7/27 - My artist is Phil Collins (I love Genesis too - these are just PC songs)
Song I love: Everyday, Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away, If Leaving Me Is Easy
Song I like: In The Air Tonight, Groovy Kind of Love, Take me home
Song I hate: Something Happened On The Way To Heaven - the song is dumb and the video is even dumber
7/29 - Officially started my vacation!!!! MICHIGAN BOUND tomorrow! Guess I should start packing, huh?
7/30 - On the road. Going to drop Alex off at the vet first.
I think it is so sweet that I can be online on my personal pc going down the highway connected to my cell phone.
Just passed by Joplin, Missouri and the destruction the tornado from earlier this year caused. It is really sad to see what nature can do. :(
We are at dinner and Justin unfolds his napkin and is amazed at how big it is, looks at Joe and says, 'O M G' Seriously Justin?
One of the worst things about having a cold is your inability to taste food :( I hope I kick this cold soon!
7/31 - I think Indiana is the state where vehicles pass by people slowly then get over and go fast. Makes no sense people! Just went through Fishers, Indiana.
Just entered Michigan. :)
100 miles until we pull up at my parent's house :)
I made it to my parent's house. The connection here stinks so it never posted my original message. I got to hold my sweet baby niece for the time. Now if I could just kick this darn cold!!

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