Monday, October 24, 2011

8/8–Fairs and Woods

Let me add, at one point on our trip Joe’s dad and wife, Karen (Nanni and Pappa) took us to the fair. We got all day passes for the everyone to ride and the boys had an absolute blast. It was definitely one of their favorite things of the entire trip. Now I thought I took photos of that part of the trip, but I can’t find them anywhere, so I thought I would mention it!

Joe and Joey tried the zipper which is a contraption you get in and it throws you upside down and all around in the air. Joe’s poor shoulder got jammed pretty good up there. Joey was trying all the big kid rides. We were really surprised. We all went on the merry go round. We had a great time!

Another thing the boys LOVE to do at Grandma’s is to get on the mule and go for rides (the mule is a 4 wheeler). They also love finding wild berries to eat.

2011-08-08_17-27-35_962The trails we go through…

2011-08-08_17-33-32_507Pretty country woods. I love it. I miss the country!!

2011-08-08_17-44-23_614The boys LOVE picking and eating wild berries!

2011-08-08_17-55-49_432The boys on the mule.

2011-08-08_19-13-22_374Lake view from Joe’s mom’s house

2011-08-08_19-15-37_130Peaceful lake

2011-08-08_19-48-38_404Joey caught a fish!

2011-08-08_19-48-56_29Justin caught a fish!

The boys got bored fast so they went inside with Grandma Char and Joe and I just fished off the dock until we couldn’t see anymore. It was so nice, so peaceful to just sit and wait for fish to bite. No one rushing us, no noises except for the birds and the fish jumping in the water. It was probably my favorite moment of the whole trip. To top it off we caught a lot of fish and had them for lunch the next day!

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