Monday, October 24, 2011

8/6–Shopping fun…

I am a die-hard thrift store shopper. If I lived near a decent thrift store again, I’d probably be in there all the time. I can’t stand spending full price for name brand clothes. Plenty of people donate their used clothing, and with a wash through the washing machine, it’s as good as new. What about recycling!?

You’d be surprised at what I can find at a thrift store. I can walk out with Nike, Puma, Holister, Aeropostle, you name it. If you look hard enough and you shop at a decent thrift store, you can find some great finds.

My usual thrift stores, when I visit my mom and dad, are in White Lake or Howell. My dad heard from a lady at work they are a bit pricey and to try the one in Ann Arbor. So dad and I drove off to find the thrift store in Ann Arbor.

I find the address online and put it in my GPS in my Ford Edge. Halfway there I was alerted of an accident ahead and asked if I wanted to reroute. My dad was impressed with the fact that my GPS was able to read real time traffic.

I asked the GPS to reroute us and it took us the back way through Ann Arbor, which was a very pleasant drive in the country.

I drove us to an outreach center, not quite the thrift store I was looking for. Augh…

I got out my cell phone and finally figured out where the thrift store was, so I restarted my GPS with the new address and we were only a mile or so away.

It was a huge thrift store. I mean HUGE. I’m not sure I’ve been in a Salvation Army Thrift store quite so large. It just so happened that all clothing that day was 50% off. I was in heaven. I swear I did die and go to heaven. I was particularly looking for clothes for my boys. They are so hard on clothes, and they grow so fast that I needed to stock up.

Off I went to shop:

2011-08-06_16-28-04_564Here’s my sweet father shopping for slacks for work.

2011-08-06_17-44-12_195This was my load when I was done. This cart was completely chuck full. I know to take all my clothes off the hangers. The line was about 20 people long. I guess it was the day to shop!

2011-08-06_20-15-18_121Later that evening I took the boys to a local school to play on the playground. My old high school, Howell High School, was right behind it. On the way home I drove by the school and took a photo or two with my cell phone. This is the back of the school…the parking lot where I used to park my car.

2011-08-06_20-17-02_606This is the front of the school where the faculty park.

2011-08-06_20-21-34_888After we left the high school I promised the boys they could go get ice cream. Joe had stayed home. It was special time with my two sons and I! Here is downtown Howell.

2011-08-06_20-34-43_572This is the DQ downtown.

2011-08-06_20-56-48_917These are all the clothes I ended up with.

IMG-20110806-WA0024Still sick, I decided to rest. Nala decided to curl up at my feet. Sweet kitty.

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