Saturday, October 15, 2011

8/2 - Traverse City Day 2

We found a local beach down the street from the hotel and both times we went there, because it was gloomy and drizzling rain, no one was there collecting money to get in, so we just walked in and enjoyed the quiet beach.

2011-08-02_11-26-04_910Joe and Joey acting silly.

2011-08-02_11-26-23_447Justin loved the rocks he found and would throw them

2011-08-02_11-27-11_826My super cute Justin

2011-08-02_11-29-32_31Justin aka beach bum

2011-08-02_11-30-34_203Joey loved searching the water for sea shells.

2011-08-02_16-56-08_394Kids enjoyed a few minutes at the hotel pool

2011-08-02_16-58-26_549I pretty much kept a ready supply of tissues and Chai tea with me

2011-08-02_17-08-29_279Relaxing, sick, pool side

2011-08-02_19-11-06_882Boys feeding the seagulls. My parents used to stop at a McDonalds in Bay City and I used to feed the seagulls when we would stop. I love that the boys like doing it too.

2011-08-02_19-11-11_624Feeding seagulls

2011-08-02_19-34-25_789Building a huge water hole and sand pit

2011-08-02_20-01-56_378The boys walking out into Traverse City Bay. It is really shallow, as you can see.

IMG_7495My sweet Joey

IMG_7496My sweet Justin

IMG_7507Justin running down the shore

IMG_7514The boys searching for seashells.

IMG_7520Joe enjoying the calm waters and quiet beach.

IMG_7533Checking out seashells.

IMG_7554Justin running on the beach, checking out his foot steps

2011-08-02_21-36-24_0We HAD to get Justin the Detroit Tigers pillow pet! While I was in TC I bought a humidifier, claritin, mucinex, sinus rinses, and over $100 in products in two days and nothing made me feel better!)

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