Sunday, October 30, 2011

8/13–Hotel issues…big time

We left the morning of 8/13 to go back to Texas from Michigan. It’s a LONG drive and we agreed that our first day would be the longest and booked at hotel midway in Missouri. We decided to make it past Rolla, Missouri to St. Robert, Missouri.

We had a hotel booked at the Baymont Inn there. We arrived about 9pm that night and as we pull up to the hotel the lights are completely out. The driveway is blocked. The hotel is NOT open. How can this be? We drove this ENTIRE WAY and our hotel is CLOSED??

I called the hotel and there was no answer.

I called, whom we always book with. They also found that the hotel wasn’t responding to calls and told us they would remedy the issue.

I told them there was a hotel across the street. They looked it up and told me that the hotel wasn’t the same star rating as the Baymont Inn and they wanted to put us up at a hotel the same amount of stars or higher than what we were staying at.

They later booked us at the Holiday Inn Express down the street which was a high star hotel, cost more and they said they would go ahead and cover the cost of the more expensive stay AND they were sending us a $100 voucher to use on a future stay. HOLY COW – talk about great customer service!!

We’ve booked with before as well. We got stuck in a HUGE snow storm driving from Texas to Michigan. We called them and told them we didn’t think we’d make it to our hotel and what was the policy on bad weather. They said they would rebook us in whatever town we needed if we could not make it to our destination. I can’t remember if we rebooked that time or we finally made it to our hotel, but they have always been extremely accommodating!

We walk into the Holiday Inn Express and it was a very nice hotel. The lobby was gorgeous, the rooms were beautiful, I fell in love with the bathroom and the beds were comfortable. I told Joe we are staying here on the way back from Mi to Texas trips from now on.

I still couldn’t believe the original hotel were were staying at was closed. The woman at the front desk did some research and found that the hotel was hit by lightening earlier in the week, had a fire and the fire department shut it down until it was repaired. Just our luck I suppose! It worked out in our favor though!

Joe always says that I’m so nice to the customer service reps that we always end up ahead. I just think it’s always good to be nice!

2011-08-13_21-20-10Our room

2011-08-13_21-20-27_817I want the sink and the counter.

2011-08-13_21-30-42_94The pool. It was a bit too cold for me, but the boys liked it.

8-14 was my birthday. I spent about 8 hours of it in the car playing bakery story and restaurant story on my phone, relaxing, because we couldn’t do anything else.

I was extremely surprised at how DRY Oklahoma was. It looked like most every tree in the woods we passed was dead. It was so much worse than our area of Texas. I’ve never seen anything so water starved. It was sad.

I was happy when we finally pulled into our driveway!! Home sweet Home!

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