Sunday, October 30, 2011

8/12– Saying see you later to Grandma Norma and Grandma Char

IMG_7579The boys and Grandma Norma

IMG_7582Justin gives good hugs

IMG_7585Joey playing his ds

IMG_7587Grandma Norma and Joe

IMG_7588Justin, Grandma Norma and Joe

IMG_7589Justin, Grandma Norma and I

IMG_7591Joey giving hugs

IMG_7599Justin giving MORE hugs!

IMG_7601Hazel B passed away in October, but we knew she was getting old and was sick, so we made sure to get photos done with her.

IMG_7606Hazel B and I.

IMG_7611Grandma Norma and Joe

IMG_7614We went to say see you later to Grandma Char and her horse. Boys got to feed the horse carrots.





IMG_7636What’cha looking at?!

IMG_7637Grandma Char with her boys

IMG_7643Joe with his mom

IMG_7646I love this pic

IMG_7648Char and I

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