Sunday, October 30, 2011

8/12 Last day at my parent’s house

2011-08-12_19-04-40_493Me and Woodchuck…

2011-08-12_19-09-04_824My mom’s chicken coop all dug out and ready to put up!

2011-08-12_21-58-16_76Joey was all cuddles with Grandma

IMG_7688Justin, Grandpa and Joey

IMG_7691Justin and his grandpa

IMG_7697Grandma and the boys.

IMG_7699Is it me, or does my mom look Native American? I asked her if there was any Indian in her and she said a very small amount possibly, but my brother and my mother look very Indian. I guess other people have asked her too. I’m a spitting image of my father. I didn’t get the Indian look my brother and mom have.

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