Monday, October 24, 2011

8/10–Pizza hut and Horses–not together!

Every year Joe buys his dad a cabella’s gift card for his birthday and father’s day and Christmas. Then when Joe visits in the summer, his dad and Joe drive 3 hours one way to Cabellas. They spend the day there, and then drive back. It’s great father/son time. I’m glad they have this tradition.

So that means I have the kiddos. I started out by taking them to Walmart because I needed a jacket. It was cold outside. I was STILL sick and used to 100+ degrees in Texas. It was 65 outside and I was freezing cold.

They played at the park for a little while. It was drizzling a little bit and it was chilly. I really wasn’t a fan of staying a long time.

Afterwards we went to pizza hut and I let them get their own personal pan pizzas. They were really well behaved. They brought their ds game systems into the restaurant and just played most of the time. I had some peace and quiet!

2011-08-10_12-26-12_482Justin playing his game.

2011-08-10_12-26-44_703Joey playing his game.

2011-08-10_19-45-36_724Random photo of me outside.

IMG_7555Later that afternoon the boys wanted to feed Grandma Char’s horse.







IMG_7573Joey loves Grandma Char’s old cat Nermal.

IMG_7574A pic of Joe

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