Saturday, October 15, 2011

8/1 - Traverse City Day 1

When I woke up on 8/1 I was NOT ready to go to Traverse City. I felt like absolute CRAP.

We decided to take me to the ready clinic in Howell. I was the first one in line because we got there before it opened. I filled out the paperwork and about 10 minutes later they got me in the back room.

A nurse comes in, and says, “Excuse me, I’ll be right back” after reading my paperwork.

She comes back and explains that they don’t do vitals on minors and she thought I was 16 and that Joe was my FATHER! She had to go back and get the stethoscope! Joe was mortified and I couldn’t really believe she thought I looked that young. I joked with her it must be the braces. She stopped and looked at me and said, “You know, I never even saw your braces.” I’m 32 and the woman thinks I’m not even 18 and Joe is my father. Crazy!

The doctor came in and told me that it was just a cold and it will go away on it’s own. He gave me antibiotic script in case it got worse but he said it wouldn’t matter if I took it or not. So there was nothing I could do. I had a cold from HELL and it was not going away any time soon. Lucky me.

We packed up the Ford Edge from my mom’s house and rolled out of there on our way to Traverse City. I had absolutely no appetite and couldn’t taste anything anyhow so I didn’t eat for a few days. I remember just feeling miserable. How awful is it that we have plans to spend time in Traverse City and we are too sick to enjoy it. Not only that, they have great restaurants in TC and WINE TASTING and we did neither since we couldn’t taste it. It was such a bummer.

Once we got up there we decided to drive to Point Betsie lighthouse with the boys. It was fairly cold out that day. The boys really were too cold to enjoy the water and it was pretty dreary outside – on the brink of raining. The kids tried to make the best of it, and so did I. I got to enjoy the lighthouse. I love lighthouses so it was wonderful to see Point Betsie – by far my favorite lighthouse.


IMG_7413Joey on Lake Michigan. This was the first time they saw a body of water where they couldn’t see the other side. They were pretty excited about that.

IMG_7415The beach was very rocky, and tended to hurt your feet, but the kids enjoyed throwing rocks into the lake.

IMG_7421Point Betsie – so beautiful

IMG_7436Love the contrast of my feet on the rocks

IMG_7444First time Joey was ever buried in the sand. The sand was warm underneath and he liked it.

IMG_7446Joey is buried!



IMG_7458Joey running in from the cold water!

IMG_7467Covering himself with sand to keep warm.

IMG_7483Joe throwing the boys into the water


IMG_7491Looking out into the horizon on the lake

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