Wednesday, October 12, 2011

7/31 - All about my parent’s place and more…

After two long days of driving, we are always happy to pull up to my parent’s house. I was even happier since I was feeling crappy. Joe and I both were sick. Justin was getting over a cough. Joey was the only one who never got sick. Lucky him!!

2011-07-31_16-51-23_111My niece, Maeve, and I. This was my first time meeting her!! My brother Greg told me Maeve already had what we had so it was ok to hold her. I didn’t want to get her sick!!

2011-07-31_16-51-35_31She’s so adorable. I couldn’t take a good photo with my phone.

2011-07-31_16-53-04_476Maeve and I.

2011-07-31_18-40-36_388The boys were so excited to go swimming in the pond!

2011-07-31_18-41-21_933The pond.

2011-07-31_18-41-39_230The dock on the second, smaller pond.

2011-07-31_18-42-02_231The second pond. This one is smaller and has koi and frogs, etc.

2011-07-31_18-42-13_333Kid’s ready to jump off the dock.

2011-07-31_18-42-45_444Joey jumping in.

2011-07-31_18-43-26_999The pole barn and dad’s huge stack of wood.

2011-07-31_18-44-37_58Mom’s new chickens.

2011-07-31_18-45-01_687The back of mom and dad’s house.

2011-07-31_18-45-14_157My parent’s garden and arbor which my dad made.

2011-07-31_18-45-22_320More of the garden. It’s HUGE.

2011-07-31_18-45-42_593The corn went crazy!

2011-07-31_18-45-47_140the garden and all the veggies.

2011-07-31_18-46-08_819The river

2011-07-31_18-46-48_717View from the garden look at the back of the house.

2011-07-31_18-47-27_30The one bedroom house my brother built, just to see if he could do it. It has electricity and heat.

2011-07-31_18-48-04_827The pond view from the house my brother built.

2011-07-31_18-48-21_827The pond again – the boys riding on the paddle boat.

2011-07-31_18-49-18_576Mom and dad’s flower gardens.

2011-07-31_18-50-31_392The front of the house with all their hostas. The window on the far left used to be my bedroom.

2011-07-31_18-50-49_565The view towards the road.

2011-07-31_18-51-10_521The garage view and front of the house

2011-07-31_19-52-53_408This is how I FELT. LIKE CRAP. Thank goodness for Chai tea!

2011-07-31_19-56-04_255The view from the porch.

2011-07-31_19-56-33_51Max kept me company

IMG_7386The boys jumping in!

IMG_7404The boys having a BLAST!!!

p20110731-174745 (2)Cute Maeve!!

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