Wednesday, October 12, 2011

7/25 - Blankets, Clothes and blue frosting…

2011-07-25_20-23-30_352I finally had it with our hallway closet upstairs and the overage of blankets and sheets!!

2011-07-25_20-48-47_310Nice, purged and organized…Finally.

2011-07-26_13-15-41_753I got a bunch of new clothes off Freecycle. Thank goodness because the clothes I had weren’t the greatest and I hate to shop.

2011-07-26_16-47-41_508I wasn’t feeling good. I came down with whatever Joe and Justin had. So I asked Joe to pick me up something sweet. He got me this cupcake. He knows I love palm trees.

2011-07-26_16-52-20_265This is what happens when your son eats blue frosting!

IMG-20110725-WA0007I loved the way my eyes looked in this photo!

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