Sunday, October 9, 2011

7/23 - Soccer and the Country Western Bar–but not together because that would be weird!

2011-07-23_10-42-36_358A trip to the farmer’s market on a Saturday. Yummy fresh fruit and veggies!

2011-07-23_13-23-15_73One of my favorite new songs. Oh and have I told you a billion times yet how much I love my Ford Edge and the My Sync system? Look how darn cool my car radio is!!

2011-07-23_18-07-32_569Then NIN Head like a Hole came on! I LOVE that song!

2011-07-23_18-52-41_41Love this photo of me and my hair that I curled.

IMG_6893Joey had a game that the other team forfeited so we just had a free play on the field and the boys had a blast. He’s here in the middle playing.

IMG_6907Joey running up on the ball. My camera does NOT do well at taking photos indoors with low lighting.

IMG_6952Joey is chasing down the ball.

IMG_7016Joey is the one in front of this player.

IMG_7062Coach Denise with her players, including siblings.

IMG_7085Evan K is down!!

IMG_7149This is Evan G

IMG_7205Coach Blake fighting for the ball against Katie, Evan G’s older sister.

IMG_7219Joey with a silly look on his face.



IMG_7346Joey’s GOAL!! Joey is in the white on the far right.

p20110723-185736Me and my braces!

Somehow Denise convinced me to go out with her for her birthday party for dinner and then to a country western bar dancing. Seriously Denise? I can’t dance and I hate country music. I did it for her because I think Denise is great!

Most of the night I was worried and pretty pissed off because a waitress spilled a LOT of water on the table and it ran down the table by me, without me knowing and saturated my cell phone so it was completely dead. By the end of the night, thankfully, it started working again. I have never been so upset! I can’t live without my phone!

185320_2094933184672_1585595238_2078756_3894177_nMe, Kim (front), and Denise

262996_2094948225048_1585595238_2078771_1955774_nEveryone had a spouse with them, BUT ME!! I was the third wheel. Oh well.

270196_2094950105095_1585595238_2078773_6627047_nOur group!

283317_2094942704910_1585595238_2078765_1921675_nThey actually paid for me to ride on a mechanical bull. Let me tell you what, I did NOT fall off that bull easily. I held on until I couldn’t take it anymore. First bull riding experience.

284717_2094938664809_1585595238_2078759_2096266_nAll the girls!!

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