Monday, September 5, 2011

Back home… 7/14

It was nice to be back home from Seattle but that means life goes back to ‘our normal’… appointments, work, practices, etc.

2011-07-14_11-13-23_48I had a dr. appt. I thought this was funny. Both boys were playing the ds and looked similar.

2011-07-14_18-40-27_443Joey tried out for this team. We were not asked back. I was told by the parents this was a teaching team and Joey would not be playing games so this team wouldn’t have been a good fit for him anyhow. This is tryouts for FC Dallas.

2011-07-14_18-56-24_328Joey is running here in orange.

2011-07-14_21-25-37_98Joey wanted a photo by his stuffed animals.

2011-07-14_21-25-49_754Diana (she cleans my house every other Thursday) always does a good job of making the kids beds and putting their stuffed animals on the bed in a really cute way.

IMG-20110714-WA0004Justin didn’t do so well without a nap.

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