Monday, August 22, 2011

Watching the movies in style…next up– mountains! 7/7

Caroline and Jason decided that one night we would go to the movies and their nanny would watch their kids and our kids! We decided on watching Transformers 3 in 3D because Joe was DYING to see it. It was NOT my top choice for a movie but I did it because I knew he would love it. In the end it was a great movie and it was super sweet in 3D. The movie theater was awesome. We had reclining chairs and a waiter to wait on us and bring us food while we watched the movie. I can’t believe I actually liked the movie!

2011-07-07_15-56-30_496Drinks before the movie.

2011-07-07_16-29-23_970Sorry for the quality as the movie was dark but these were the chairs. You can see Caroline in the back with her feet up relaxing.

2011-07-07_21-00-19_560After the movie we drove out to Caroline and Jason’s cabin in the mountains and this was the view as we were driving. This would never get old!!!

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