Thursday, August 18, 2011

Swim lessons 6/17

2011-06-17_19-10-18_526Justin – He wanted me to take his picture. He asks me to do this a lot. He is a great photographer’s son!

IMG_6001Joey dancing before he jumps off the diving board. Goofball.


IMG_6011Justin using a noodle to learn how to kick.

IMG_6017Justin asking me to take his photo.

IMG_6033Love this photo – and his tattoo on his arm.

IMG_6044Another great photo.

IMG_6081Justin swimming to Mrs. Carla.

IMG_6103Love this pic of Justin.

IMG_6118Justin splashing into the water.

IMG_6127Justin working on swimming.

IMG_6131Justin and Mrs. Carla.

IMG_6135Riding his noodle.

IMG_6150Love this photo too.

IMG_6152Last day of class Mrs. Carla gave them suckers!


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