Friday, August 19, 2011

Ride the Ducks in Seattle, 7/6, Part 1

The first thing we did the next day in Seattle is we went to the ride the Ducks Tour. The ‘ducks’ are amphibious cars that can drive on land and can go into the water and act as a boat.

It was a great tour. The tour guide we had was extremely funny. It was a long ride but it was very entertaining.

These photos are not in order because they are based on the photo names.

2011-07-06_10-35-13_822I took this photo with my cell phone. It turned out so awesome, don’t you think??

2011-07-06_13-11-54_191We ate here in this food court after we went on our tour. The colors and painting were beautiful!

2011-07-06_19-43-14_176Jason called this some sexual name…and it was good. Chocolate liquor with redi whip! This was late that night.

IMG_6389This is Caroline and Jason’s daughter, Lucy. She’s eating a pringle.


IMG_6398A neat place to eat

IMG_6401I love the buildings downtown.

IMG_6408This black statue hammer moves.

IMG_6411Starbucks – you see them all over

IMG_6412This is fire station number 2 because fire station number one burned down in the great fire of Seattle.

IMG_6436Love how the houses are built into the hills

IMG_6439Justin totally conked out… He never got to see the boat drive into the water. We tried to wake him up and he was out cold.

IMG_6441We are about to drive into what?!

IMG_6442Here we go…

IMG_6446The vehicle we were just driving in is now a boat!

IMG_6448A shot of the boats and the space needle.

IMG_6468Love the mountain view in back.

IMG_6485Boats with the space needle.

IMG_6506After the boat tour we went to this huge spray park. Here is Justin and Jason and Caroline’s daughter, Sabrina.

IMG_6508Joey is in the orange. You can see the massive spray.

We are used tIMG_6512o 100 degree weather. It was in the low 70s and Joey said it was way to cold and curled up in fetal position in the towel. He refused to go back and get wet. Caroline called us ‘Texas wimps’!

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