Friday, August 19, 2011

First plane ride… 7/5

On 7/5 I worked during the day and then we left for the airport about 5pm for a flight that was leaving to Seattle about 8pm. This was both boy’s first flight and we haven’t seen Caroline and Jason in a few years. We were happy to go visit! Caroline was my matron of honor in my wedding and we know both Jason and Caroline from college.

2011-07-05_20-05-35_482Joey and Justin had never been on a plane before! This was their first trip. Joey did just fine, Justin was quite bored and a handful but not overly obnoxious. We got there fairly early and got McDonalds for dinner and then had them play their new ds games.

2011-07-05_20-06-48_148Joey boarding the plane. Unfortunately I tried to take this really fast with my cell phone as we were boarding and it focused on the background.

2011-07-05_20-15-16_592Joey and I on the plane – waiting for take off!

2011-07-06_00-01-00_274We made it to Seattle and now I’m hanging out drinking wine with Caroline and Jason!!

2011-07-06_02-05-49_244My BFF Caroline and I!!

p20110705-202653I took this with my phone – Joey looking out the window as we are preparing for take off.

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