Monday, August 22, 2011

Facebook posts for June 2011

6/2 - Today was Joey's last day of school. He came out the door crying. I asked him three times what was wrong. He said, 'I'm going to MISS Mrs. Alyson'. If only all of their school experiences can be this positive!! :)

6/5 - Murphy's law - if your a/c will go out - it will be on a Sunday when everyone is off. Why can't it die during the week when I can actually call someone? Anyhow, fortunate for us, our other two units are working fine at keeping the downstairs cool. My temperature gauge outside says 99. Fun times :)

6/12 - Relaxing at the aquatic center. Life is rough.

6/14 - In honor of Father's Day, many are changing the profile picture to a picture of your Father and keep it there till June 19th. Please re post this as your status so everyone gets the word and see how many handsome Fathers we can get on Facebook. I ♥ you dad!!!

6/16 – Coffee with Michelle @ Starbucks

6/17 - Friday and I have the day off. I love my new ford edge. So much more fun to drive than my old minivan.

6/17 - Watching dazed and confused. I swear this movie has the best quotes and Mitch looks like my brother. LOVE this movie :)

6/18 - I'm the photographer for the daddy daughter date night event at chickfila tonight :)   (I took photos for an event at Chickfila in exchange for free food coupons!!)

Joe’s status - Wife is out doing some photography, home alone with the much trouble can we, err I mean they, get into??? Briana should be very afraid.…

6/19 - Happy Father's day to all the dads out there. I ♥ you dad! Happy Father's Day Joe. You are a wonderful father :)

6/21 - First it was the washer, then the a/c unit needed to be replaced and now Joe's car needs $1700 or so in repairs/maintenance. AUGH... Things comes in threes they say. I hope this is it. :(

6/21 - I ♥ the fact that the boys are old enough to play a competitive game of floor hockey in the driveway with dad. Justin keeps right up with them. He's super competitive. I love watching them all so happy!! :)

6/21 - I am guinea pig sitting for Paige. I have to admit that those two little guinea pigs are adorable. The boys love them too :)

6/27 - 8 DAYS COUNTDOWN!!!!  (Till our Seattle trip)

6/28 - 7 days until Seattle!!! Watch out Caroline!!!!!!!

6/29 - 6 days until Seattle :) Yay Yah!! :)

6/30 - Got a new wire today at the Orthodontist and I'm now sporting lime green and hot pink bands. Perhaps a bit of a early midlife crisis but it makes me happy so I really don't care :) 5 day Seattle Countdown!!! Caroline, are you ready for us?!?!

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