Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day in the life of…. 6/16

This is a warning – I’m not perfect!!

2011-06-16_08-46-29_406My bathroom sink. 4 glasses of water that need to go to the kitchen sink, glasses, contact case, hair ties, glasses case, water pik, mouthwash, acne medicine wash, soap, mouthwash for braces to prevent white spots, dish rag, sunglasses, and a leave in conditioner.

2011-06-16_08-47-38_613Boys each playing their ds games.

2011-06-16_08-48-21_65I need to fold laundry…

2011-06-16_08-57-01_37The floor in my office. I hate all the papers that pile up in here. This is one of my ‘hot spots’. Everything gets dumped from the rest of the house into my office.

2011-06-16_09-02-12_274Justin likes to decorate my fridge!

2011-06-16_09-08-34_972This is our hallway closet. That overflowing shoe bin is Justin’s. I swear he’s a shoe whore!!

2011-06-16_09-12-33_621Driving down the street.

2011-06-16_09-13-25_951Great song and I love my radio in my Ford Edge.

2011-06-16_09-13-49_908This is a common sight – I drive around with a low gas tank until Joe fills it. It’s almost a family joke.

2011-06-16_09-15-47_663I love corn fields and another thing I love is round hay bales. Even my kids point out the hay bales to me because I like this so much. This is a field by our house, which is right in the middle of the city.

2011-06-16_09-23-35_461Cooper – the place we work out. Kids took their swim lessons here.

2011-06-16_09-23-56_43The beautiful crepe myrtle trees in front of the club.

2011-06-16_09-24-54_152Inside the gym.

2011-06-16_09-25-12_594The main workout floor over looks their pool.

2011-06-16_12-41-28_758My bathroom, again need to clean…

2011-06-16_15-23-28_870This is what the floor looks like after I clear off the desks in my office and the shelves. This needs to be organized and cleaned before the cleaning lady, Diana, gets to this room!

2011-06-16_17-11-44_225Justin is coloring…

2011-06-16_17-27-14_915My cleaning lady, Diana.

2011-06-16_17-28-22_78She does an amazing job!! I love the days she cleans.

2011-06-16_17-28-56_221Check out my bathroom. Granted I folded clothes and put stuff away but she makes it sparkle.

p20110616-194511Random pic of me. My hair looks crazy thick!

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