Monday, July 4, 2011

Random Facebook Statuses For May

5/2 - Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of you teachers out there! I am so thankful that both of my boys have excellent teachers this year that they love! They make such a difference! Don't forget to show some sort of appreciation to your kids' teachers, even if it is a simple "thank you" :)

5/3 - Have a doctor appt tonight for Joey. It is thought that he may have chicken pox. I've had a mom and a friend who is a nurse say it looks like it. He has spots on his arms, legs and stomach that are so itchy he's itched them raw! Please - don't let it be chicken pox (and yes he's had the vaccine years ago).

5/3 - Joey's rash is chiggers. Never heard of them. Can't say we worry about those in Michigan.

Doctor told us anytime the kids go in tall grass or in the wood have them come home and take a bath and put in three capfulls of bleach in the water. She said for what he has, have him do the bath, then cover the spots in clear nail polish. It is awful. Joey was itching so badly he has raw spots on his legs and arms. She says it takes about a week to show symptoms. We know how he got it - he was playing in the woods a few weeks ago when we went for a walk. I told him he was going to get poison ivy. Never even heard of or was worried about chiggers!

5/4 - I got to experience power chains on my braces today. I chose colors so now I'm sporting a super sweet, hot pink mouth :) Here's to being the only girl in an all boy household!! ♥

5/5 - Tickets have been booked to Seattle for July. I can't wait to see Caroline and Jason and it's the boys first time on an airplane! :)

5/7 - Justin Verlander you rock! Second career no hitter. And yes, our second born is named after him ;)

Mojitos and cougar town...what a way to kick off Mother's day!

240609_1957846218778_1021417036_2293114_186110_o5/8 - Joe Made Dinner – Restaurant Quality

5/11 - Today is just a really good day. No reason... just happy :)

5/12 - Nothing like having a much needed girls night out with Starbucks and your best friend. Talking over coffee can be so therapeutic!

What's up with Lady Gaga playing in her underwear/bra on American Idol standing up with her rear pushed out playing the piano? Oh yeah - It's lady gaga... Enough said.

Seriously Idol? Flashback to Daughtry...

5/14 - Baseball game in 50 degrees. It is cold this morning. Park for the boys! - Frisco Commons

5/18 - I have to say I don't miss Simon from idol at all...

5/20 New car buying is sooooo much fun! (Sarcasm)

5/21 - Bob Tomes Ford in car buying experience EVER! Highly recommend to all my Texas based friends!

5/22 - Walk / running a 5k with Joey. He is doing great!

Blogging is therapeutic....

5/24 - Tornado sirens are going off. We are in the closet. We think the storm has passed. Thankful right now.

5/26 - Tried in and out burger tonight. Can't say the food was good enough to go back. The fries are the poorest fries I've ever eaten. Was not a fan and not worth the 25 minutes in line to get the food. Don't waste your time people!

5/26 - Proud mommy moment: Joey was 4-4 in tonight's game with a double and his first home run! Great job Joey! (Yes I copied Joe's status LOL)

5/28 - Taking the boys to the sprinkler park! 93°

5/29 - Joey just woke with his first nightmare. That is what watching scary movies will do!

5/31 - Had an orthodontist appt today at lunch. I'm now sporting red and blue bands (Fourth of July colors!) on my teeth. It's kinda fun to feel young again :) Oh, the little things in life that make you happy!

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