Monday, July 4, 2011

Nightmares and Flowers 5/29

2011-05-29_00-28-18_437Well we’ve been letting Joey watch the Goosebump movies. He’s watched a ton of them before but I guess the one he watched on this day was extra freaky and he woke up with a nightmare. Here is Joe trying to comfort him.  I finally had to hold him and told him if he dreamed of these mannequins that came to life again to karate chop them or make himself into a hero. He went to bed that night and that was the last nightmare he had. I had him laughing before he went to bed so I hope that I helped some!

2011-05-29_01-24-08_703Our fish.

2011-05-29_18-35-04_102Justin hanging out on the garden furniture at Lowe’s.

2011-05-29_18-35-11_998Joey laying on the garden furniture at Lowe’s.

2011-05-29_20-23-17_627My new bird feeder!!

IMG_5668The boys planting their seeds. Joey has been obsessed with buying, planting and growing flowers.


IMG_5670Big Helpers


IMG_5673I love this pic of the boys!

IMG_5674Watering the seeds.







IMG_5687Some of our flowers (that we didn’t grow from seeds).

IMG_5690More flowers

IMG_5691The daisies that the STUPID RABBITS ATE!! The ivory soap does NOT deter them.

IMG_5693Our flower garden in our backyard.

IMG_5695The bradford pear and my bird feeder.

**Unfortunate for the boys their seed planting was in vain. ANY seedlings that came up were instantly eaten by the rabbits. I’ve never seen Joey look so dejected in his life.

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