Sunday, July 3, 2011

Homework and Splash Pads

5/27 - Justin has been pretty adamant about doing his ‘homework’. He has such a hunger for learning. He wants to read so badly. He also thinks he can’t go to school this fall if he doesn’t learn all his letters so he’s been practicing with all these preschool/kindergarten books I bought for him. Here he is doing his book. I think he completed this book in one day. He wouldn’t stop doing pages from it.

2011-05-28_17-49-19_867Justin doing his home work.

2011-05-28_18-51-25_66We took our neighbor Chris and our boys to the local splash pad. They had an absolute blast. We got here a lot. The boys have a lot of fun at this part.

2011-05-28_18-57-11_996Joey playing in the water.

2011-05-28_18-58-54_294Justin (with the sun in his eyes)

2011-05-28_21-19-12_716Justin getting home and then getting right back to his homework.

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