Saturday, July 16, 2011

6/2 Last day of School

2011-06-02_07-34-39_182Good hair day. I look like I’m hardly awake but the hair looks nice!

2011-06-02_07-54-59_993Joey on his last day of first grade!!!!

2011-06-02_08-05-37_749Mason, Emma and Justin at Justin’s school

2011-06-02_08-05-52_737Justin being goofy

2011-06-02_08-05-59_582Emma being goofy

2011-06-02_08-06-17_126Mason being goofy!

2011-06-02_08-06-25_658More craziness.

2011-06-02_08-06-49_715Justin falling against the wall.

2011-06-02_15-03-55_636Joey on the last day with his teacher Mrs. Nowell. Joey loved her so much that he started crying. He said, “I’m going to miss Mrs. Nowell!!!’. Now she’s a friend of mine on facebook so she can keep track of Joey over the summer! 

p20110602-192626Me playing with the camera and filters.

p20110602-193301Another fun pic

p20110602-194721Another cool pic and effect.

p20110602-205410We were telling Justin a story about how he used to only sleep as a baby swaddled up tight and rocked back and forth. Joe rolled him in the blanket to show him how we used to have to rock him before he would finally calm down and go to sleep.

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