Saturday, July 16, 2011

6/10 - Soccer End of Year Party

2011-06-10_12-59-57_86Braxton had his birthday party this day and Joey got to go boating with him and Christopher. From the left – Chris, Braxton and Joey.

IMG_5699Kylie, Katie and Justin. This was at the Soccer End of Year Party.

IMG_5700Justin and Kylie LOVE Katie!

IMG_5710Justin playing kickball.

IMG_5743Denise playing kickball.

IMG_5763Joe playing.

IMG_5796The adults took it seriously as you can see by Joey flying leap.

IMG_5807Justin running towards base.

IMG_5814Kylie on base. She’s so cute!

IMG_5859Joe kicking again.

IMG_5919Denise (coach) getting her gift from the team.

IMG_5925I made her this gorgeous photo book of each player playing this year using the photos I took throughout the season.



IMG_5941Crying tears of joy.

IMG_5950We are close knit! From left to right – Denise (coach), Amy, Kim and I.

IMG_5953Evan, Amy’s son enjoying a cupcake.

IMG_5955Justin enjoying a cupcake.

IMG_5957Coach Blake and Coach Denise. Blake is Denise’s son.

IMG_5967Joey getting his trophy.



IMG_5995The soccer boys. Caden, Kieffer, Evan, Joey and Evan. Joula is missing.

IMG_5998Boys taking a silly photo.

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