Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to play restaurant story and how to play bakery story

I created a new blog just for how to play restaurant story and how to play bakery story. You can find it right here:


Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to play Restaurant Story and Bakery Story

This post is now located at :  ==> Tutorial   ==> Blog on game updates and bugs!. 

Please visit there! Thanks.


This post is now located at : as I dedicated an entire blog to how to play. Please visit there! Thanks. 

I promise you will love the tutorial if you follow the link above. I moved it off my personal blog to dedicate a blog to just playing the game! Enjoy! :)

6/14 - Justin’s Room

2011-06-14_08-32-45_997Justin’s newly painted room in lime green and blue.


2011-06-14_08-34-57_371Joey’s colors. Purple and Green.





6/12 Curtains and Relaxation

2011-06-12_13-58-17_360This was Michelle’s daughter’s curtains and she was going to give them to goodwill and I grabbed them. They look great in my scrapbook room.



2011-06-12_17-57-25_846The associations pool.


2011-06-12_20-21-12_144The seeds that started to come up – and the rabbits found them a few days later and there was nothing left. Joey was crushed.


Stuff… 6/11

2011-06-11_19-16-34_353Look at my beautiful washed car. I LOVE my new Ford Edge!!

2011-06-11_20-47-13_328My Long island iced tea. Joe took me out for drinks and appetizers.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

6/10 - Soccer End of Year Party

2011-06-10_12-59-57_86Braxton had his birthday party this day and Joey got to go boating with him and Christopher. From the left – Chris, Braxton and Joey.

IMG_5699Kylie, Katie and Justin. This was at the Soccer End of Year Party.

IMG_5700Justin and Kylie LOVE Katie!

IMG_5710Justin playing kickball.

IMG_5743Denise playing kickball.

IMG_5763Joe playing.

IMG_5796The adults took it seriously as you can see by Joey flying leap.

IMG_5807Justin running towards base.

IMG_5814Kylie on base. She’s so cute!

IMG_5859Joe kicking again.

IMG_5919Denise (coach) getting her gift from the team.

IMG_5925I made her this gorgeous photo book of each player playing this year using the photos I took throughout the season.



IMG_5941Crying tears of joy.

IMG_5950We are close knit! From left to right – Denise (coach), Amy, Kim and I.

IMG_5953Evan, Amy’s son enjoying a cupcake.

IMG_5955Justin enjoying a cupcake.

IMG_5957Coach Blake and Coach Denise. Blake is Denise’s son.

IMG_5967Joey getting his trophy.



IMG_5995The soccer boys. Caden, Kieffer, Evan, Joey and Evan. Joula is missing.

IMG_5998Boys taking a silly photo.

6/9 - Justin’s ‘Car’

2011-06-09_08-17-10_398This was supposed to be Justin’s drawing of a car. It sure doesn’t look that way to me!!!

6/8–Crazy Sleepers

2011-06-08_23-41-18_988The kids were sleeping in the guest room because we were painting Justin’s room. Justin sleeps so weird.

IMG00204-20110608-0714A great photo of Joe

6/6–Holy Hotness

2011-06-06_17-04-57_673See the temp in the lower left corner?? 124. Enough said. That  is what my NOAA radio says in the sun.

2011-06-06_20-50-53_690Went for a walk this evening. Our house is the one to the RIGHT of the house with the lights on. The one with the black windows (solar screens).

Dinner and Running 6/5

2011-06-05_20-15-43_481Dinner – Look at how yummy that is!!

2011-06-05_22-35-02_398This is what I look like after running 3 miles. RED face!

6/4 Saturday Errands and fun stuff

2011-06-04_11-58-34_293Our local farmer’s market. We seem to buy stuff every week from the Gilbert Pruett farm you see up front. We love the fresh veggies.

2011-06-04_14-36-20_20We bought Justin a new batting helmet and he would NOT take it off. He wore it to even do his chore of washing off the kitchen table.



2011-06-04_19-20-17_602Joey and Justin were obsessed with buying seeds every time we went to Lowes and even asked to go to Lowes just to buy seeds.