Saturday, June 18, 2011

Walk It Challenge 5/22

Weight Watchers had it’s annual Walk it Challenge on 5/22. It was at Towne Lake Park and we had to walk it three times around the lake for a total of about 3.2 miles (5k).

The entire family went for the walk. After about half way around Justin was dragging and Joey and I decided to go ahead. I asked him if he wanted to run it with me so off he and I took jogging. We would go about 1/4 mile and then walk some. Then start to jog again.

I think, by the end of the walk, we jogged half of it. Joey was such a great sport. Justin made it around once with dad (1 mile).

On the third lap I gave Joey the option of staying back with Justin and daddy on the playground and I was going to do the last lap myself. Joey said no way – he was finishing it with me. So we jogged most of the last lap as well.

Joey finished the entire 5k walk/run with me and we were sooo proud of him! He was so darn proud of himself! I told him that he helped run over three miles! He liked it and I told him maybe another morning him and I can go walk run it again. It’s a very peaceful walk around the lake. We had a great time.

By the way, Joe loved driving the Edge to the walk the next morning. He loves driving the new Edge!

2011-05-22_08-59-32_94Justin, Joey and I after our 5k walk! I was tired!

2011-05-22_09-50-54_547Joey requested waffles for breakfast so I pulled out the waffle maker that we haven’t used in about 5 years and made these perfect blueberry waffles!

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