Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Me and my secret side

2011-05-27_07-31-26_748Me on 5/27


I’m just like everyone else. I’m busy. I’m a frazzled mom who looks put together on the outside but feels really frazzled on the inside.

I wonder every day why I still break out like I’m 13 years old in my thirties. It’s so not fair. I try to tell myself it makes me look 10 years younger, but when my face looks like it does, it really doesn’t offer me much comfort!

My house is a wreck. Thank goodness for our maid who comes every other Thursday. At least that day I feel like my house is back to normal. It takes only a day for it to become a total wreck again.

I wish I could be skinnier but I like to eat food. *smile*

I’m obsessed with my phone.

I have a billion things I need to do. My email box has over a thousand emails. I’m a month behind on my blog. I have to print about 6 months of recipes that we said ‘yes, make again’ and make them into recipe cards so we don’t lose the recipe. I need to back up my photos to dvd. I would like to make a blog book of 2007. I’ve done 2005 and 2006. I’m only a few years behind. *sigh*

I love blogging. It really relaxes me. The house could fall apart around me and at least I feel like I’m documenting part of our life that I won’t forget later.

This past month has been hard financially. The beginning of the year we decided to replace our washer and dryer. Two weeks ago our upstairs A/C went out. It was either replace the compressor for 1500 and leave the existing parts that are ten years old, or pay an extra 1200 and get an entire new unit and five year warranty. We got the new unit, which made the most sense. To top it off, Joe’s check engine light came on in his 04 Honda Civic so we took it in and it needed a timing belt replaced, the 125,000 mile maintenance and then fuel pump sensor had a crack. That cost $1500. Things happen in threes. I hope that was our three for the YEAR!

To add to that, last year when we went to Michigan for vacation our neighbor told us we had a fly infestation in our house and she killed a ton of flies.

All of a sudden this week we have another huge house fly infestation. We have literally killed over a hundred flies. I finally called our pest control company and they are coming out tomorrow. It is ridiculous. I have no idea where they are coming from and I hate house flies. I hate eating and having them flying around.

Joey is doing swim lessons this week. I think it is taking a lot out of him because he broke down at practice today that it was too hard, and then came home and took a three hour nap. Then he had soccer practice this evening. He’s just been so busy. I guess tonight he played goalie and only one kid could get the ball past Joey. They were all saying that Joey was so good at goalie that no one could kick it past him. It was so cute.

This was a conversation between Justin and I yesterday.

Justin - mom I want a microphone so I can sing

Mom - What are you going to sing?

Justin - You never know! It's going to be a new one :) and I'm going to wear my sunglasses upside down

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