Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baseball Photos–5/27

I highjacked the coach’s wife’s Canon 60D camera to take these photos. Her camera was so nice I really didn’t want to give it back. She loves the way I take photos so she was more than happy to let me take the camera and snap away.

Here are my favorite photos from the baseball game on 5/27

Joey had an amazing play this game. He caught the ball in outfield, ran up to this kid rounding third and tagged him out, THEN he ran past that kid to the kid in front of him going home and TAGGED HIM OUT TOO! I got it on film. AMAZING!! They talked about this play the rest of the season.

IMG_0842-1Joey getting player one tagged out.

IMG_0844Joey running past the first player that was out.

IMG_0846Tagged out – #2 in the same play. Joey is so fast. He does not get that from his mother.


IMG_0901Charlie hitting. Love the ball frozen.

IMG_0923I love this one of Joey. I love the lighting. I love the focus. I love the way it was taken. It is one of my favorite photos.

IMG_0924A teammate swinging.

IMG_0944Austin got his first home run. This was him after he rounded home. I LOVE this picture. It was a one in a million shot. Wish I could have cropped up a bit but I’m happy with the shot.


IMG_1013Matty – Great lighting

IMG_1028Joey in position

IMG_1067The assistant coaches, Joe in the middle.

IMG_1097Coach Mike and his son Kieffer. He was so happy because his son got his first home run.

IMG_1102Joey at bat.

IMG_1108Joey swing

IMG_1110Joey running.

IMG_1122Joey rounding first. That ball is GONE.

IMG_1136Joey coming home.


IMG_1148Coach Mike picking Joey up for a congratulatory hug!

IMG_1164 Cameron hitting. Love this pic too.

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