Saturday, May 14, 2011

Total Randomness and Joey’s school play

From April 19: So anyhow...totally random pics - all of them from my phone camera – except for a few below.

8d9a05e4f497bab45918af626b5d34d6This a photo of me. You can see that the orthodontist took off the top wire to prepare for the two teeth extractions.

2011-04-19_17-30-07_632I like this pic of me…

Joey had a part in the first grade school play. He was a crow. His part was ‘Farmer Bales was furious!’

The presentation was really cute. Unfortunately we got there early and all the seats were taken. We stood in the back and I couldn’t hear a thing that was said.

Joey did a great job on his part.

IMG_4726Joey speaking his part.

IMG_4737This is from my camera wayyy in the back of the cafeteria.

JoeyThese next few pics are from my neighbor who was sitting pretty much in the front. Thank goodness I have these decent pictures!

Joey2Joey playing his part on the musical instrument.


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