Sunday, May 22, 2011

Teeth and bikes, in no order…


Well I got my teeth pulled on 4/27.  They are supposedly the first molars that come in – the teeth four back from the front teeth. This photo is awful, but you can see where I had teeth pulled to make room for the existing teeth to move.

I wanted to say I went back into the doctor’s office, they hooked up an iv, started to put the medicine in it to knock me out. I heard him say VERSED and I knew I wouldn’t remember a thing after that moment he put that in my iv.

I’m looking at the wall thinking, ‘Ok, I hope they start soon.’ I remember waiting a LONG time, and looking at the wall and telling the nurse that the medicine was wearing off and thinking to myself they better start this soon. I’m sick of waiting.

She rolls a wheelchair over to me and has me sit. I forgot about the wheelchair – I thought I walked down the hall by myself. Joe had to remind me afterwards about the wheel chair. I was thinking they were wheeling me to surgery when she said she was taking me to my husband.

I remember telling her, ‘Wait, I thought you were taking me to surgery’ and putting my tongue in my mouth and feeling the gauze and holes. I remember saying, ‘Hold on, I don’t remember you even doing the surgery, at ALL.’

I told Joe about 50x on the way home that I couldn’t believe I was staring at the wall, still staring at the wall and it was done. DONE. I remember NOTHING. Drugs are darn amazing – especially versed.

The medicine they gave me after I went home, hydrocodone, made me extremely nauseous. I thought I was going to throw up all the time. I finally decided it wasn’t even worth it for me to take it if I was going to feel that awful and switched to tylenol.

IMG00160-20110427-1843Here is Justin riding his bike. I believe Joe took this photo. I stayed in bed literally all day long.

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