Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shoes, Storms and Hawaiian Day


On 5/11 we had to buy Joe new shoes. His literally split on the bottom and I told him he could NOT wear them to work anymore.

We went to famous footwear, and Justin fell in love with these sketchers shoes. The issue was we had just bought him other new tennis shoes and sandals so we were not about to plop down another $40 on another pair of tennis shoes.

We had just sold Justin’s toy kitchen we had bought the previous summer and gave him the money that we got from selling it. He didn’t know what to spend his money on so he decided to save it.

He was hell bent on getting these shoes so I told him if he wanted them then he could take his $40 he got from selling his kitchen to buy them. He instantly said yes. I asked him if he was sure that he wanted to spend all his $40 on a pair of shoes. He enthusiastically said yes again. So we had his feet measured and we walked out with a $40 pair of sketchers that he bought for himself.

I do have to admit – the shoes are totally cool. I tried to take a photo above of the lights going off on the shoes. The top and sides of the shoes light up as he walks. He was the coolest kid in class the next day when he wore those shoes to school and for the new few days he told everyone about his cool new shoes.

2011-05-11_20-10-57_251The way the sky looked after a storm rolled through. Everything was cast in a yellow glow. I love this photo.

2011-05-12_07-52-51_705The next day on 5/12 was Hawaiian day at school. I dressed Joey in Hawaiian shorts and spiked his hair to have a surfer look!

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