Monday, May 30, 2011

Randomness from 5/5


My Mother’s day gift from school (along with a potted plant)

My mother’s name is = Brianna (spelled wrong but close)

My mother is 32 years old (correct)

My mother’s favorite food is CHICKEN (not right – see this post for my favorite food)

My mother likes to PLAY PHONE.

So I guess I must use my phone a LOT (well I do!). Mom likes to play on her phone, huh? Last year it was mom likes to clean! Too funny.

2011-05-05_18-46-31_494Dinner – Chicken parmesan. We eat well in our household.

2011-05-05_19-01-44_890Was trying to capture how blue Justin’s eyes were with this shirt on.


2011-05-05_19-02-05_635Nice smile

2011-05-05_20-28-18_18I love my Jacuzzi tub.

Vector Palm_30My new phone wallpaper. Love this one!!

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