Monday, May 30, 2011

Random facebook status posts…April

4/1 - Joey is home today with a 101.8 fever :(

4/3 - Back to the doctor today. Joey's fever is 102.8 this morning. It's clearly not getting better :( – They said it's just a virus. His throat culture comes back tomorrow but when they checked for flu and strep on Friday it was negative. The dr. today didn't seem concerned. When the motrin wears off his temp sky rockets to near 104. I've consistently gotten readings at 103.8 - 104.1. They said his lungs are clear, his nose is swollen (congested) but he is just really tired. Acting fine, otherwise. I guess just let him fight it off. He's not going to school tomorrow, obviously, since his temp I just took was 103.8.

4/6 - People who carry on cell conversations in bathrooms or waiting rooms are inconsiderate and annoying.

4/8 - Laying on the grass on the golf course looking at stars. 82° with a slight breeze. I love spring!

4/8 - Two wrongs don't make a right. I sound like my mother…


204585_1895616743080_1021417036_2202666_8320578_oMy cat amuses me...he was actually yawning but it looks like he is yelling at me.

4/15 - Dear mother nature - I really think that you believe that Dallas should be called the windy city because as of this spring I'm not sure Chicago has us beat. Why can't you kick up the wind when it's 105 degrees outside in the summer?

4/15 - Just tried my first brussel sprout. It is ok. Much better with spray butter on it... Not my favorite veggie.

4/15 - Justin looking sad. Me: What's wrong? justin: I forgot to bring my toys. Me: I remembered...and pull them out of my pocket. I'm cool like that :)

4/16 - Totally excited about the photo shoot I did tonight with bluebonnets and the wild daisies! Katie was the perfect subject :)

4/18 - At the doctor's office again. Justin had his hand slammed in the van door yesterday. My poor accident prone child...


201228_1917087919846_1021417036_2229286_1997184_oGorgeous evening for a walk.

4/22 - Sometimes it is good to relax and enjoy a few drinks...

4/27 - I'm getting two teeth pulled this morning. I can't think of a better way to start hump day...

4/30 - Baseball game then soccer game right after. Weather is perfect. What a wonderful day!

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