Monday, May 23, 2011

My new bike, and laundry….

2011-04-29_21-09-45_8364/29 - This was my early Mother’s day gift. Sorry for the bad photo but it was at night in a dark garage when I took the photo.

Justin just learned how to ride a bike and I told Joe that I would NOT go on a family bike ride with my existing piece of CRAP bike. That old bike I had was a $35 special from Walmart and hard to ride.

We went to Target and I tested two bikes. One was a Magma for $100 in hot pink. I loved the color but I wasn’t excited how it rode (yes I got the bike down and rode it down the isle!) I then asked Joe to get down this purple Schwinn. I rode it down the isle and was sold instantly. Granted it was $169 but it was such a smooth ride that it was worth it.

Now I have a great bike to ride with the kids! Joe’s father’s day gift is supposed to be a replacement for his $35 walmart special bike too. Ha!

2011-04-29_22-55-29_162This is what it looks like to fold laundry for FOUR people. I do it on my long counter top in my bathroom. I wish I were able to do it in my laundry room but it works out that I fold laundry as the boys take showers at night.

StormAnother photo that I made the background on my phone. I didn’t take this photo, I just liked it. I love photos of tornadoes and any extreme weather.

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